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Michael Kulke – XMapsy V3 FSX P3D

XMapsy V3 feeds your Electronic Flight Bag app with the data retrieved from your flight simulator : AI traffic positions, aircraft data. More technical information

M Kulke – XMapsy V2

Xmapsy V2 is a tool for all versions of P3D and FSX to enable various Electronic Flight Bag features, and to display Google Maps as

Aivlasoft’s Electronic Flight Bag updated

Yesterday saw Aivlasoft announce that their Electronic Flight Bag product has been updated to version 1.5, bringing support for Lockheed-Martin’s Prepar3D v2, along with a

AivlaSoft – Update v1.3.7

Your electronig flight bag by AivlaSoft is updated in version 1.3.7. Visit their website for complete informations or to try the demo. It’s unlimited in functions but

AivlaSoft Update v1.3.6

When it’s about AivlaSoft, it almost sure you’ll read Electronic Flight Bag news. Good catch ! Their popular utility is now available in version 1.3.6

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