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FlightSimTools TaxiSigns HD Updated

Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D v2 has now been added to the list of sims supported by FlightSimTools TaxiSigns HD, as of  the new 1.02 update, now released.

Update for TaxiSigns HD

A few days ago, Flightsimtools team announce they made an update for TaxiSigns HD to ” resolves problems with add-on sceneries containing custom-modeled taxiway signs.” TaxiSigns

AI Optimizer released

If you like to fly with AI Traffic, you noticed how it has a direct influence on your framerates. With AI Optmizer tool, you may

Addon Converter X version 1.04 available is pleased to announce a new update for our Addon Converter X product. The update contains several bugfixes and improvements, and is free of

Airport Wizard 1.02

This Airport Wizard utility made to enhance all FSX or FS2004 airports graphics was released just a few weeks ago by Flightsim Tools. Last time,

Airport Wizard released has released Airport Wizard – a simple tool for easily improving the look of airports in FSX and FS9. With just a few mouse

Contrails Pro Updated

News reached us from that they “….. released an update to Contrails Pro, a module for FSX and FS9 that adds realistic contrails to

Instant Object Maker

Here’s another nifty tool from FlightSimTools, allowing you to try your hand at making scenery objects yourself, without the steep learning curve associated with the

Contrails Pro Released [update] reports that it “….. is proud to release Contrails Pro, a module for FSX and FS9 that adds realistic contrails to AI aircraft. Easily

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