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FS2Crew – FSLabs Airbus V1.3 Update

For the most advanced Airbus simulation in the P3D4 market, I mean FSLabs A320-X and A319-X, you get the ultimate Pilot in Command simulation if

Flight Sim Labs – A321-X

Flight Sim Labs published their official promotional video of the upcoming A321-X. In the starting blocks gents ? Their Airbus model will have the most

FS2Crew – FSLabs Airbus Soon

FS2Crew announce that their edition for Flight Sim Labs Airbus will be ready for release in a few days. Both Button and Voice control versions will

FSLabs – A320-X PBR Preview

Here’s a shot by FSLabs showing how looks their A320-X model with PBR textures. But it’s still in development and old liveries packs won’t be

FSLabs – Airbus Updates To Come

The A320-X and A319-X of Flight Sim Labs are not compatible with Prepar3D v4.4, so you should not update the flight simulator until the developers

FSLabs – A319-X Available

Released today : the A319-X of Flight Sim Labs is live ! It’s an expansion for the A320-X in P3D4, so you must have it

FSLabs – Development News

There’s a very informative post to find at Flight Sim Labs forum to sum up their projects status, some positive changes to come and the

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