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IndiaFoxtEcho – T-45C Goshawk MSFS Update v1.10

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A long list of improvements included in the update v1.10 will make happy the registered customers of the beautiful T-45C Goshawk of IndiaFoxtEcho for MSFS. Have a look at the differences and fixes you get when you download the latest version from simMarket : – Redone external engine sounds- Replaced…

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Dino’s “final?” Goshawk update

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Over the weekend, Dino Cattaneo released what may be the final, version 2.70, update for his freeware FSX/P3D Boeing T-45C Goshawk naval training aircraft. Over the years since the release of the Goshawk, it has seen many, many iterations and improvements and is one of the best pieces of freeware…

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Dino’s F-14 version 2.20 released

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Yesterday, at the India Inda Alpha Foxtrot Echo blog, Dino Cattaneo announced the release of version 2.20 of his FSX +Acceleration/Prepar3D F-14D Tomcat. The headline change to the “Tom” is a complete reworking of the multi-function display system to match US Navy NATOPS manuals, although many other changes are included…


T-45C Goshawk Under Construction

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Dino Cateano of Italy is working on a new project for FSX:Accelleration: the T-45C Goshawk. “….. The scope of the project is to provide a reasonable simulation of the BAe/Boeing T-45C Goshawk jet trainer, a heavyly modified and carrier-capable version of the BaE Hawk, currently employed by U.S. Navy to…