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FSRepaint – FSLabs A320 Livery Pack 1 FSX P3D

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FSRepaint made a new repaint kit at ultra high definition for Flight Sim Labs A320 in P3D4 and P3D3. In this livery pack 1, five famous airlines are included : Aeroflot, Lufthansa NC, Air Asia Foundation, American Airlines NC and Qantas Linkn.


Aerosoft – CRJ 700 Livery Previews

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Over on the Aerosoft Forum, Mathijs has released a few livery previews that Holgi has made. The first of his batch includes; American Eagle, Air Canada, Styrian Spirit and also the classic Blank repaint. He also provided an image a couple of days ago showing the 2D gauges, FMS’s and…

Add-on or Expansion Pack

Hi-res paints for CS B727

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AZI Studios are responsible for this pack of five liveries, covering global classic schemes for the Captain Sim B727-200 expansion pack in FSX. American Airlines, Alitalia, Syrian air, Korean Air and Delta Airlines are the airlines covered – you can find out more by clicking here.


Flightsim Tools – Repaint Wizard

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Repaint Wizard will help you in editing or copying liveries. Using your favorite image editor, Repaint Wizard is in charge of converting to all FSX / FS9 supported formats. And working as an in-game module, see the results almost in real time with just hitting the “Save” button. Developers may…


Jumbo X Liveries

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Perfect Flight from Italy is offering a package called Jumbo X, containing some 39 liveries (repaints) of the FSX Boeing 747. Also included are a pilot logbook, charts and some other documentation. Futhermore there is a mission pack included as well. Available now from simMarket.


Pay Your Painter

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Here’s another aircraft painter who offers his (paid) services on simMarket to get you your favorite aircraft livery. Prealsoft writes “…. Customize your livery of a real airline or a virtual airlines, in your request please write at minimum this information : Airline Name, Registration Number, Model FS (Manufacturer and…

Press Releases

Additional Liveries For Flight1 Super 80

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In a recent press release McPhat Studio and Flight One Software are announcing “….. the immediate availability of a special expansion to the Flight1/Coolsky Super 80 Professional product that brings you ten-special Ultra High Definition Texture sets. With a pixel per meter ratio of 253, these are possibly the most…

Freeware News

OZX Grumman Goose HD Redux Released

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Jay Kae from Australia reports that the team over at Aussiex have released their latest freeware project, an ‘overhaul’ of the default Grumman Goose that comes with FSX. Changes include tweaking of the flight model, addition of a higher-powered engine model, repaints of the interior and 6 high-definition paint schemes.…


A Site With Airliner Liveries

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Here’s an interesting site for you airliner jocks. The guys here call it ‘’ (but host it somewhere else) and have made a lot of (fantasy) liveries and ‘modifications’ to existing airliners. Somewhat of a ‘play with pictures’ thing if you like. Have a look at their site here.

Freeware News

More AI Aircraft For Your Collection

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World of AI has released a few new liveries to their collection. You can now also admire the Turkish Pegasus Airline’s aircraft and the Canadian Porter Airlines. Also recently added were some A320 and A330 Airbusses flying with the Swiss Edelweiss holiday airline. More inormation for the downloads here.

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