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MyTrafficX/3D Updated to 5.4c

Burkhard Renk’s MyTrafficX and MyTraffic3D products unquestionably offer the largest array and variety of traffic of any commercial AI package currently available. Not content to

MyTraffic 2013 from Aerosoft

If you’re fed up of seeing the default fictional airlines and limited array of (user aircraft) GA traffic around the world of FSX, then the

Prepar3D gets AI Traffic Add-on

Over the last few weeks, there has been an ongoing discussion on the support forum for Burkhard Renk’s MyTrafficX product on how well it would

Cross Update MyTraffic X v5.4

Existing customers of MyTraffic 2010 boxed product as published by Aerosoft have not been forgotten : here is a download Cross Update to upgrade MyTraffic

MyTraffic Pro 5.4 and MyTraffic Live

Announced in simFlight forums, it’s now a reality : the version Professional 5.4 of MyTrafficX has been released by Burkhard Renk. The upgrade policy and

MyTraffic X — Update v5.3b

This is an important update for MyTraffic users, and free for version 5.3 / 5.3a owners as you will get the latest airline scheducles of

Exciting news from MyTraffic X

A minor update with major enhancements : MYTraffic X Pro v5.3 with performance tweaks now possible on AI Aircrafts, updated flight schedules of October 2010 and

Review: MyTraffic X V5.3 Professional

Burkhard Renk has been producing My Traffic versions for several years, now culminating in this latest 5.3 version which is another milestone forward in producing a FSX world full of AI aircraft that you as a pilot have to interact with. This FSX version has utilised all of the FSX programming possibilities giving a new sense of realism and practicality. Anyone that has read my reviews know that I have had issues with AI traffic when I have reviewed airports and scenery and this program now populates all of my FSX airports with large numbers of planes that move, stop, go, taxi, and fly. This is a great add-on for the Sim even for someone like me that only flies GA planes from small rural airfields.

MyTraffic X Products Compared

MyTraffic reports “…… The introduction of MyTraffic X Lite apparently has raised some confusion among existing and prospective buyers, so lets try and make things

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