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Vario Design – Harris Hill Soaring Corporation 4NY8

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Idyllic place for soaring activities in New York state, USA, Harris Hill is a gliderport reproduced with all its facilities, buildings, fences, and other static aircraft to recreate the exact look in P3D v4/v1. Vario Design already made various airfields in France, and it’s their first scenery in USA.

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Attention Soaring & Glider Fans: WinchX! was released

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Our reader binky9 has noted that Peter Lürkens has released WinchX!, yes, the ‘X’ stands for an FSX addon, and the ‘winch’ part stands of course for a winch launch for gliders … therefore here follows the official product text: ” WinchX! is an add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X for…


Soaring Expo 2009 in Seattle

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For those of you living near Seattle, here’s some news from the Museum of Flight: “…. In an annual rite of spring, the member clubs of the Seattle Glider Council again present a glimpse into the fascinating world of silent flight at Soaring Expo 2009, held March 21-22 at The…