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Vertigo Studios WW2 Trainer

By 1 Boeing’s Primary Trainer 17, part of the Model 75 series and better known to many as the “Stearman” after the aircraft’s original designer and producer, is probably one of the best known biplane aircraft in the world. Produced, as the PT- designation implies, for ab initio training of US…


Review: GAS Boeing Model 75 Stearman

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Peter Hayes weekly review today tells us all about this Golden Age Simulations product: ” Golden Age has credibly achieved an accurate representation of this open cockpit “tail-dragger” biplane. The 4 variants all have different handling characteristics and flight dynamics. The top speed is a modest 124 mph (108 knots),…


Updated Files On simMarket

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The recently released Stearman from Golden Age has been patched. “….  This patch corrects an error in prop rotation animation, increases the dB of sound level in VC cockpit of 220 hp powered models and adds a custom magneto switch to the VC providing improved manipulation of the switch position…”. File…