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Tongass Fjords X – The Glacial Review

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Peter Hayes starts without any further ado: What can I say?  This is the definitive piece of scenery for FSX.  It changes the default sterile FSX area into something that is alive and vibrant.  I only have a brief time to assess the scenery for the review so I will…


Tongass Fjords X Glory on Video

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A quick morning video for your viewing pleasure: Buzz313th (don’t ask me, that is a user name…) has made a video showing the Sitka area in the newly released Tongass X scenery by FSAddon: “Just picked up Tongass Fjords X from FSAddons this morning and took the DodoSim 206B up…


The One You’ve REALLY Been Waiting For Today…..

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…. is now released after more than two years of development: Tongass Fjords X by Holger Sandmann and Bill Womack! “…. Tongass Fjords X returns Alaska back to the flightsimmers, after Microsoft missed a beat in that particular area of the world. Like in their FS2004 version, Sandman and Womack…


Alaska Will Be Alaska Again Soon

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Because Tongass Fjords for FSX will be released THIS WEEKEND. Francois Dumas writes “….. After almost two years of hard work, most of which caused by the changes brought upon us by the FSX technology, we are now finally ready to release the Ultimate scenery for Alaska. Bigger, better and…

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Tongass Fjords X Almost Here

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Francois of FSAddon Publishing reports “…… Never say never…… and never give customers a release date…. two golden rules of information technology. BUT…. we’re working hard on getting Tongass Fjords X ready for release this weekend…………. !!! Just one more installer test, and we’re good to go. How does THAT…


Learn To Love Alaska

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Francois Dumas of FSAddon Publishing writes “…..If you’re a (novel?) FSX user, you won’t think much of Alaska as it is presented in the sim. It will look pretty much as in the screenshot below. Boring and unnatural straight coast lines, lack of towns and roads (not that there are…

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Tongass Fjords X Preview Screens

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For those of you who love(d) flying Alaska, FSX was a bit of a bummer (to put it mildly). In spite of many improvements in the sim, Alaska now looked like the Kalahari desert more than anything else. Well, things they are a-changing, finally. Tongass Fjords X is back on…