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Heavy Fighters teaser for WoWP

By 0, developers of upcoming MMO flight combat game “World of Warplanes” have posted a new teaser trailer to YouTube, this time showing something of the use and capabilities of the twin engined “Heavy Fighter” category of aircraft. There’s not a lot more to say about the game at present…

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“Teaser” trailer of Orbx Stewart scenery

By 3 Orbx have released the above preview trailer, showing their upcoming scenery of Stewart (CZST) airport in British Columbia, Canada. The scenery, of course, takes advantage of the techniques and effects developed by their team members to generate what promises to be the most realistic looking scenery for FSX, if…


Official Aerosoft Corfu X trailer

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httpv:// In Greek islands, holidays don’t end in August and there are still many people in September. This video should explain you why they enjoy this place and why you would like to land at Corfu LGKR !