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Fly Airbus? Looking for a VA?

Simulated Airbus pilots who are looking for a Virtual Airline that caters to their preferred manufacturer might like to take a look at Trans European

VA Flight Tracker from FSLive

FSLive have announced the release of their flight tracking system for Virtual Airlines. “FSLive’s eagerly awaited Virtual Airline flight tracking system has been launched! Using

Getting Heavy With It’s Your Plane

You may be familiar with voice control system “It’s Your Plane“, but were you aware that they had a Virtual Airline? Apparently they do and,

XAcars is back online

XAcars brings a flight tracking software compatible with major operating systems for Virtual Airlines administrators and users of Microsoft Flight Simulator and Laminar Research X-Plane.

Tempelhof takes off for AirlineSim!

Online aviation simulation AirlineSim  is pleased to be able to present, from the 16th of August 2010, its third international game world. Known as “Tempelhof”,

CityBird Virtual To Take Off Soon

Francois Vranken of CityBird VA announced today: “CityBird was founded in 1996 and flew passengers to holiday destinations in Florida and the Caribbean, initially aiming

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