VA Flight Tracker from FSLive

FSLive have announced the release of their flight tracking system for Virtual Airlines.

FSLive’s eagerly awaited Virtual Airline flight tracking system has been launched!

Using the FSLive Track client for FSX you can track flights in real time. Our online Virtual Airline system gives you pilot, aircraft and schedule management tools in order to run your airline as well as a realistic economy.

We have a regularly updated, curated list of aircraft using real-world payload figures and prices for the most realistic experience possible. You can customise your aircraft load before purchasing, ensuring it does not exceed the maximum takeoff weight, of course.

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  1. Im not one for commenets but iv just tried for the first time, really, really impressed, takes airline flying to a new level, easy to use, tracks your flight without any interference like some other software and its enjoyable. Also you can watch other members around the world and watch their flights in progress. 10/10, a must see.

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