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Frooglesim – FlyInside Video Review

By 11 Youtuber FroogleSim has released a video on his channel as he takes a look at FlyInside which is a tool that lets you use your Virtual Reality headsets from Oculus or HTC within FSX and P3D. “Using some vodoo magic called Asynchronous Timewarp the software even overcomes the frame…


Aerosoft Show off X-Plane 10 on Video

By 14 Those considering a move to the new version of X-Plane, whether it be from an earlier version of XP or from the MSFS series, might be interested in Aerosoft’s latest video, uploaded to YouTube earlier today, showing Laminar’s new sim in all its glory. Whichever side of the fence…


AeroflyFS Crash testing

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Hopefully, by now, most of the people who have been even slightly interested in AeroflyFS will have visited the site, read the information and review(s), weighed up the pros and cons and decided whether it’s for them or not. Whether you’re in that group or not, here’s a little something…


SkyUnlimited Incredible Video!

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A promotional video for the release of SkyUnlimited Productions Texan-Harvard vol.2 for FSX. Includes two short scenarios demonstrating the use of the 5 extra add-on models that come with the three aircraft models that are included in the package. Really breath taking stuff !


U-turn With A Viggen

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Here’s an interesting video from the endless YouTube resource…. A Saab Viggen with a pilot who forgot his sandwiches at home…. These aircraft are designed to work from small airfields and roads even and can do amazing things. Not only make U-turns all by themselves, but also very short take-offs….…

Press Releases

Twisted Velocity By Jaggyroad Films

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Twisted Velocity has been released by Jaggyroad Films. “…..  The film has been in production for several weeks now and features a new style called “glitching.” Many popular add-ons are included in the video and the team has taken great care to ensure a very entertaining experience free of charge.…


This is what happens…… ROFL

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Lately i have been digging around YouTube collecting FS videos for our new FS Video Wall and look at what i found today… this little dude’s father will NOT be very happy when he comes home to his FSX installation… and this liitle dude will have quite a problem explaining……