Feature imagePerpignan–Rivesaltes Airport, ICAO: LFMP is a small regional airport located approximately 5kms north of Perpignan, close to the Spanish border in southwestern France. A very picturesque area, it is on the eastern end of the Pyrenees Mountains and on the Mediterranean coast. The airport also goes by the name of Llabanère Airport. The airport has two runways; 15/33 @ 8,202ft and 13/31 @ 4,150ft.

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Imaginesim Atlanta for P3Dv2

Oh Atlanta, Prepar3D fliers now hear you calling. They can starting flying into you after today…

On a decidedly more serious note than seriously misquoting song lyrics, ImagineSim‘s Atlanta International Airport (KATL) is now available in a version specifically for use in P3Dv2. According to the developers, this version of KATL is released “as part of their reduced priced legacy range. This will be a stop-gap solution for your flight plans because a completely new-build KATL Atlanta under development will be released in 2015 to the high standards set with their last two releases, ZSPD Shanghai and KAUS Austin. If you have already purchased the FSX version of KATL then you get the Prepar3D version for free (see website for details).” The P3Dv2 version can be purchased here, while a  demo version and more screenshots can be found at the developers’ website.

FSUIPC 4.938 available: Support for FSX:SE


One of the most commented on issues with FSX Steam Edition, following its release, has been that it was not compatible with Pete Dowson’s FSUIPC4 utility. This was not helped in the slightest, when Pete’s development PC decided to die at the worst possible moment!

In spite of his PC issues, Pete has now announced that FSUIPC 4.938 is available to download and includes support for the new Dovetail Games edition of the sim. Existing FSUIPC4 licenses are valid for all subversions, including this one and, as ever, the basic functionality is free. If you need or want a license key, however, click here.

Solipaste’s Teisko for FSX and P3D


The result of over a year of development, Solipaste‘s first scenery release for FSX/P3Dv2 is the snowy reaches of Teisko, Finland (EFTS), a single-runway GA field, surrounded by almost 130 square kilometres of photoscenery, populated with accurately placed and custom textured autogen. There’s also a 240 sq km 2.4m mesh included and an option to have both accurate closed airport during hard winter, or an open and active one.

To see full details about the scenery, the press release PDF can be found here; Press Release – Solipaste EFTS Teisko Airfield; and the scenery can be purchased from simMarket, here.

Donationware XP HD Mesh Scenery v3 Updated

The X-Plane 10 mesh scenery products by alpilotx are more than just mesh, as the name would imply. In addition to the terrain itself, they also include  landclass, forests, road/railroad networks, all water features and autogen data. They have also recently been updated to version 3, including numerous improvements and a whole new area; Australia.

Due to server demand, however, they do request that the community please download only one of the 98 files at the same time.

Click “Read More” for full details of the update and to find download locations.

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Aerosoft new products

The German publisher launched three new products this week. Aerosoft Night Environment sees new titles on the market for Portugal and Spain. so you can get thousands of lights with 3D effects added on almost all roads of each entire country. Compatible with DX10, and designed by Chris Bell.

Sandefjord Torp is a new scandinavian airport modeled for FSX and P3D. Located in Norway, ENTO is now beautifully rendered with 20cm photoreal terrain, static airplanes and people, realistic objects..

ATC Games news from Big Fat Simulations

The specialist of the ATC games mixing both fun and simulation is Big Fat Simulations, author of Radar Chaos and Airport Madness series.

Their new Radar Chaos : World Edition arrived at simMarket, and you can manage airspaces with improved graphics, and six new sectors : San Francisco, LAX, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Heathrow and Rio De Janeiro.

As promised, Airport Madness : World Edition, offering a Tower control simulation from a top view, is giving away monthly free updates with new aiports added at no cost. Anchorage in Alaska is the free Christmas gift to registered customers. If you have a Facebook account, a Free demo can be accessed here.

SkyHighSim – Belgrade for X-Plane

.SkyHighSim Belgrade X-PlaneBelgrade is another European capital to get his airport detailed for X-Plane 10, here by SkyHighSim.

This team is specialized in modelling airports of that region but for P3D, FSX and FS9 until now. Discover their complete catalogue of available sceneries here.

ProSimUtils PFPX Teaser

For the owners of ProSim737, the use of PFPX will be an even greater please since the release of the flight will then allow to load it automatically in the FMC via the ACARS system.

That’s what ProSimUtils is being made for. Happy ?

A_A Sceneries KLIA2 3D preview

A_A Sceneries - KLIA2 Kuala Lumpur preview dec14Once converted for FSX, or even in order to adapt the model for the global scenery efficiency, the 3D shapesof the terminal may be revised with a bit less of details here and there. Designers know also other tips to allow the same visual results but with less 3D polygons, but they need to build them all first.

With all due cautions, A_A Sceneries introduce the current progress of KLIA2 scenery for Kuala Lumpur international airport.