Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319 HotFix 1.12


In order to fix some items related with the Autopilot, Autothrottle, and the FMGS, the HotFix 1.12 may be downloaded from Aeorosft support forum.

It’s made for use with the latest Aerosoft Airbus A318 and A319 package for FSX/P3D.

FlightGear v3.2

Flight Gear screenshot

The free and open-source simulator of FlightGear gets an update to  go version 3.2.

To read through all the detailed enhancements for the aircraft modelling, graphics and systems, click here.

Just Flight Tornado VC preview

JustFlight Tornado VC PreviewAfter the Canberra PR9, Just Flight designers are now developing a Tornado GR1 model, again for FSX / P3D V2 / P3D V1.

They are modelling their product upon the Royal Air Force variant, introduced at the end of the 1970’s.

NMG – South African airports for FSX, P3D, & X-Plane 10

NMG Cape Town

It’s nice from NMG to bundle FSX, P3D and X-Plane 10 installers of one scenery so then simmers who have two or even all three simulators have the chance to add the detailed airport in the scenery library of their choice whenever they want.

Lately, NMG released Johannesburg Intl and Cape Town Intl.

MegaScenery Earth – Ireland

MegaScenery Earth Ireland

MegaScenery Earth adds another European country to its collection of full photoreal coverage : Ireland.

Although 32.600 square miles of aerial views will be installed in your FSX directory, requiring 20 Gb of free space.

DB BR 442 for TS2015

DB BR 442This modern German trainset is the new DLC by Dovetail Games for Train Simulator 2015. Many excitement raised in the train sim community since its initial announcement, and it’s now time to enjoy it on your virtual railroads.

Entered in service in 2013 in Germany and Austria, the BR 442 features here the AFB, PZB and LZB systems, plus the SiFa driver vigilance alert system. It’s best used with Munich – Garmisch-Partenkirchen route, sold separately.


LICJ Freeware for FSX/P3D now available


We’ve mentioned the Palermo scenery of the Flight Simulator Italian Airport Development Team a couple of times recently, well now it is available to download for MS FSX and Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D v2.4 from their website, here.

The packages – individually downloadable for each sim platform – come with self installers and a long list of features, which can be found on the page linked above.

Just Flight – L-1011 new preview

Just Flight L-1011 Preview Oct14Still in development, the L-1011 TriStar of Just Flight may be out in the coming weeks, they said on Facebook “Not long before this is released.”

The last preview screenshots have been uploaded to the social network and on their product page.

Simzaleak introduction and preview

biarritz_00Simzaleak is a new developer, based in the Basque region and creating airports for Flight Simulator X based in and around their home region.

The first scenery announced is Biarritz, a number of preview screenshots of which can be seen here and by clicking “Read More” below.

Next up will be Pamplona-Iruña(LEPP), the capital city of the Basque Country, best known for the Running of the Bulls, with Melilla in Spain also on the list.

Once you have looked at all the attached screenshots, you can find Simzaleak’s website here.

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Wing Creation adds RJDU Omura to RJFU Nagasaki project

Wing Creation RJFU Nagasaki preview_2 Oct 14If you are waiting for Wing Creation to get their Nagasaki japanese scenery, you’ll be happy to read they are adding now RJDU Omura airport in the project.

Nagasaki RJFU modern airport is on a artificial island, while Omura is the older one settled on the main island.