Spintires: The “Getting Stuck” Simulator


One of the things that parents with young children learn very quickly is rhyming story books. Lots of them. Whether it’s a scarf for a giraffe, a cat in a hat or a goat in a boat, there’s apparently an unwritten rule that all children’s stories must rhyme.

But what’s that got to do with a review of an off-road driving game? Well the answer to that is simple. The following is a quote from one of our kids’ favourite stories;

This is a sheep driving home in a jeep. “Get out of the way”, he yells, with a beep. This is the quack of an angry duck. “I can’t,” he snaps, “my truck is stuck”.

And that, put simply, sums up Spintires. A story about a Duck in a Truck that’s Stuck In The Muck. Except that we’re lacking the waterfowl. It sometimes makes up for that in generating ‘fowl’ language, instead, though.

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Preview shots of St. Petersburg

ulli56simFlight has received a number of images from the developer of an upcoming scenery for St. Petersburg – Pulkovo (ULLI/LED).

Click on “Read more“, below, to see the full set of screenshots.
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X-Plane updated – version 10.30


Laminar Research have released update 10.30 for their X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator, described as being “…the largest and most significant X-Plane update to date“.

To read the full press release, click “Read more”. Existing users of the XP10 platform can update by simply running their sim and accepting the download from the presented dialogue box.

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Train Sim 2015 (German version) at simMarket


The new Train Simulator 2015 is now available. simMarket is selling both Download and Box products of the German version.

If you are new or not confident enough in your train driving skills, the Train Sim Academy is a new section in the simulator to assist you with tutorials. Dovetail Games have also enhanced the creation tools, and the user interface. The upgrade is free for existing users of Train Simulator 2014.

To accompany the release of the new version, Dovetail Games have also announced a 50% off “Flash sale” of DLC not included in the TS2015 core content, which can be accessed either directly via the in-game store interface, or via Steam.

Aerosoft – Night Environment Sweden FSX/P3D


Aerosoft and Chris Bell comes with their Night environment database for Sweden, in FSX and P3D.

When you install the 1,16 Gb scenery product, there will be much more roads and realistically rendered in the simulator thanks to the new lighting effects.

WDS – KMBS Airport development progress


Russ White of White Digital Simulation has more preview screenshots to share with the forum visitors.

The surroundings of KMBS Michigan Intl have been modeled with great details : terrain, roads, houses and vegetation. Their new HDX technology allows dense and realistic placement of all these custom objects.

Navigraph Airac Cycle 1410


It’s already the 10th Airac Cycle of the year, so you’re invited by Navigraph to update your supported addons.

It will be particularly necessary to file a flight plan that is accurate with the latest airways and navaids, and to ensure your aircraft navigation systems follows the current paths for instance. If you are already used with the FMS Data manager, just launch it, it’s easy then. You may need more coupons before you proceed.

MSK – Saab MFI-17 / PAC Mushshak


It’s not their first aircraft model as they have already produced professional 3D models of other aircraft, but yes, it is their first airplane complete package after several sceneries.

FSX is the simulator for this Swedisth “accurate and highly detailed rendition of Mushshak” manufactured by Saab. The 3D gauges and the animated canopy may be appreciated by the customers. For more details about the Saab MFI-17 PAC Mushshak, click here.

Aerosoft Airbus products : prices and release planning


The new Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319 release has finally been programmed on Monday, September 22nd for the full product (EUR 39.95 vat incl.), and on the following Wednesday, September 24th for the upgrade version (EUR 19.95 vat incl.) if you own the existing A320/A321 product.

The updated version of their Airbus A320/A321 should come later in October. All details are in Aerosoft forum.

Greek Airports Project – Hellas Sea Base

GAP_HellasGreek Airports Project designed 9 seaports allocated in 6 photoreal Greek islands, with enhanced coastlines.

The active ramps for amphibious planes are definitely one of the original highlights of this new product for FSX/P3D.