PMDG news and updates

pmdg-logoThe team made the 777 compatible to FSX Steam Edition. That’s why there’s an update SP1d available, and that’s the only reason. The new and full installer download is required, but if you use the original Microsoft FSX, then this SP1d is not mandatory. FS2Crew users will have to apply the panel modification again after having installed the PMDG upgrade.

The PMDG 777 is about to be tested in P3D when Boeing issues their agreement.

For FSX SE, the BAe JS4100 will be made also compatible within a few days. The annoucements can be read on their Facebook timeline.

Aerosoft Digital Aviation CRJ preview

AO Digital Aviation CRJ Preview Jan 2015

After several previews that are coming more regular, it’s nice to read from Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft that the CRJ of Digital Aviation could be released in the first quarter of 2015. They have almsot finished the model and textures, and the code is well advanced already.

He has published 3 new preview screenshots of the 3D virtual cockpit showing the tip of the right wing from the left seat view.

Imagine Sim – KCLT Charlotte in P3D

Imagine Sim_kclt_Charlotte P3D FSX FS9

KCLT Charlotte is one of the 10 most important US airports, and it’s now available from Imagine Sim for P3D v2 at simMarket.

The detailed and realistic airport is compatible with AES, features interactive dock guidance system and of course many custom buildings and specific textures, up to hand placed and custom Autogen.

FSDT Ground Radar mode for F/A-18


For the default F/A-18 shipping with FSX Acceleration Pack, FSX Gold or FSX Steam Edition, FSDreamTeam is selling a low priced addon to install a ground radar onboard the military jet, or any other aircraft using the same default gauges.

Now you can target at AI vehicles or aircraft. More info here.

New releases at simMarket

simmarket-logo-2014What’s new at the shop this week ?

Prepar3D v2.5 Beta this week

P3D2_1The developers team officially announced on their homepage the upcoming update version 2.5for Prepar3D.

They have integrated many features and enhacements asked by the community of users, impacting the rendering engine, the software performance, and SimDirector for addons developers convenience. This update v2.5 will enter the Beta test phase this week, and will be released to the public later.

New Carenado aircraft in version 3 X-Plane

Among the 16 aircraft of Carenado‘s catalogue at simMarket available in their version 3 for X-Plane, 5 of them are new, freshly landed at the shop.

They make part of the HD Series so you can enjoy really detailed and neat textures from outside to inside. The B200 King Air, C90B King Air, C340, CT206H Stationair, and the PA46 Malibu Mirage 350 P are powerful and luxuous.

VRS Roadmap in 2015


We invite you to read the complete announcement of VRS to get all their projects status and details for this year 2015.

To make it short, they will adapt their successful F/A-18 for P3D and FSX Steam Edition, and we’ll also see soon F/A-18E and F variants.

Omaha city in HD by MegaScenery Earth

MegaScenery Earth Ultra-Res City OmahaIf Omaha city gave its name to one of beach of the Allies landings in France on 1944 June 6th, MegaScenery Earth depicts here the US city in Nebraska, not the French Normandy region at all.

In the Ultra-Res Cities collection, each product includes HD photoreal terrain of the city and its wide surroundings, plus the respective PDF charts for the covered area.

Multi Crew Experience for X-Plane

Enjoy MCE realistic crew simulation and interaction in X-Plane with Windows OS. This software already supports all the default aircraft plus a number of popular expansions (Flight Factor 757 Pro, Jar Design A320 Neo, FlyJSim B737-200, FlyJsim Q400, SSG Embraer E170 & E190.).

It will use speech recognition to react to your instructions, and the interactive copilot will also respond with speech synthesis not to let you fly alone anymore.