Majestic Software – Dash 8 Q400 Pro Edition Review


In November 2015, Majestic Software released their Dash 8 Q400 Pro Edition, an extension to their highly acclaimed Q400 Pilot’s Edition. In this review, I’ll be taking a look at the entire product, not just the features that differentiate the Pro Edition from the Pilot’s Edition. So let’s go, shall we? Read More →

Aerplane Heaven – Vickers VC10 preview

Aerplane Heaven - VIckers VC10 engineer panel WIPAeroplane Heaven is well known for the quality of their models and textures.

Currently working on their Vickers VC10 project, the team confirm their fame is well deserved again : the preview of the flight engineer panel is just awesome.

Pacsim Salt Lake City KSLC In Full Swing


Pacific Island Simulations have released a gallery of previews showcasing their upcoming project; Salt Lake City.  It sure looks amazing as can be seen with the dynamic reflections from P3D v3.2 being shown on the glass. It looks really impressive so far and I can’t wait to get KSLC in P3D. Keep up the great work guys!

Paulo Ricardo Salvador Airport SBSV & City Released

Paulo Ricardo is back with his first release of 2016; Salvador Airport & City. The scenery looks really impressive and of very high quality. Take a look at the previews on the simMarket store page for more information.Why not head on over and take a look?

Aerosoft A330 – VC Video and New Previews

You can now take a look at the current state of the Aerosoft A330 in the latest video. Fabian appears to be using his iOS device in order to pan around the VC. Image stabilization has been used due to his “shaky hands” although it certainly makes for a cool video. Not only that but in less than a couple of months we could possibly expect to see a few external previews, but as always that’s not a set date and just a time-frame given by Mathijs so don’t expect it to be exactly when they’ll become available.


JustSim Varna LBWN Released

JustSim’s latest project; Varna has been released today on the simMarket store. Recently they seem to be throwing new releases out the door in a very short time frame and with the high expectations due to their previous releases, they certainly don’t dissapoint. As always, for more information or to purchase this new scenery, simply head over to the product page.

Freeware : Let L-410 for X-Plane

Manufactured by Let Kunovice, a Czech company, fly the Let L-410 thanks to the Free package that you can download here.

You will even be able to fly the freight and the passengers variants, all of them are made for X-Plane.


Airport Madness 3D preview video

Airport Madness series have been ATC games in 2D view from the top, using Flash code.

The next version is planeed for release on May 11th, in full 3D. The above video demonstrates how Big Fat Simulations achieves to take advantage of the 3D environment adding ground services vehicles, tower view etc. In the same time, long time users won’t feel lost, recognizing visuals and handy features to get live aircraft controls and status info.

Alabeo PA31 Chieftain 350 for FSX/P3D

Take delivery of the latest Alabeo PA31 Chieftain 350 at simMarket store. In addition to the usual and high quality features and visuals by Alabeo, the GA aircraft is ready for navigation with the Alabeo G600 and GNS 530 avionics.

Advanced simmers who already owns the Flight1 GTN series or Reality XP GNS 530 can get their realistic gauges directly integrated in the virtual cockpit of your new purchase.

Aerosoft Las Palmas Gran Canaria GCLP Announced!


Over on the Aerosoft Forum, news of Simwings working on Gran Canaria has recently popped up not too long ago. An airport of which I think is well overdue a payware rendition. For more previews, simply head on over to the Forum post.

Feelthere Announces Tower!3D

In Feelthere’s latest press release, they announced “The Latest Generation Of Its Tower! Simulator – Tower!3D”. Tower!3D Is the next tower simulator following in line after their Tower!2011 product which was released many years ago. Initial release can be expected this Spring followed by their “Pro” version later in the year which will include added features and voice recognition which is certainly a nice touch! This new Tower simulator will allow new and existing flight simulator and air traffic control fans to experience the thrill of controlling air traffic on and around airports from the airport tower. Enjoy the teaser video below in addition to the many previews beneath it.

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