REX4 Texture Direct HD : download or box ?


In addition to the already existing download product, REX4 Texture Direct HD can be purchased as a boxed product now.

Published by Aerosoft, you will receive the same and impressive content. It’s a big and global enhancement for Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D v1.4 or Prepar3D v2. +16.000 Gb of environment textures (HD or low resolution) change completely the look of worldwide airports, water, clouds, sky.. upon your own custom selection, a preset theme, or realtime weather conditions.

Just Flight – DC-8 Jetliner announced

Just Flight DC-8 Jetliner preview

Just Flight will focus on the 50 to 70 series of the Douglas DC-8, as it was built during the 1960′s. Despite the engineering started in 1955, the sales results were not as good as Boeing 707. Anyway, the success came from some regions of the world and in freight transport, especially in its military variant.

Above the liveries list to be included in the Jetliner (FSX) product, Just Flight explains shortly they will model both steam gauges and modern glass cockpit variants of the cockpit.

Jennasoft – Lyon Saint Ex. FS9


Lyon Saint Exupery (LFLL) in France makes part of the top 5 airports of the country. Close to Geneva, it’s also competing with Paris because of the high speed train TGV.

Now imagine in FS2004 that you can simulate the international, business, low cost companies and Air Farnce flights operated in this airport, when you purchase Jennasoft product (also available for FSX)..

Skysoft – Lijiang Sanyi preview


Skysoft Simulation scenery design skills are improving again in their current China airport project.

Located in the South of China,  Lijiang Sanyi (ZPLJ) and built in 1995, is an international airport rendered in FSX that looks incredibly real. It will be very soon displayed on your desktop screen.

Aerosoft – Night Environment X Italy


Lovers of Italy have a new toy suggested by Chris Bell and Aerosoft.

“All major roads and most minor roads” receive new night illumination effects that you will see all over the country. Click here for more screenshots and purchase Night Environment X Italy.

MegaScenery Earth – Ultra-Res City New Orleans

Mega Scenery Earth Ultra Res City New OrleansNew Orleans in Louisiana, USA, exists now as a photoreal scenery using high definition textures made of aerial views.

Developed by MegaScenery Earth, this title also includes a Terminal Area map like other Ultra-Res cities products.

Concorde Performance System 2 preview

CPS_ba_ldg_formThe donationware of Pierre Chassang to produce complete pre-flight preparation and computation with the virtual Concorde (byFSLabs in FSX, or SSTSIM in FS9) will see a new version 2 soon.

Detailing its content, the author explains how he’s facing some difficulties bringing high altitudes winds info from weather softwares like ASN or REX. Anyway, we’ll get at least Navigraph Airac Cycles updates in Concorde Performance System too, as well as the exact landing form of British Airways.

Train Simulator 2015 announced


In the upcoming Train Simulator 2015, the simmers will be able to go to the Academy, to learn the basics or to improve their train driving skills.

The scenarios may start in rolling situation, and passengers trains can start or end a scenario when they are empty to simulate a real and complete driver daily duty. TS 2015 will also have a new weather system with 3D clouds.

Planned for release on September 18th 2014, the core game will be free to existing customers. For new comers, the included rolling stock and more detailed information can be found at Engine-driver blog.

Taxi2Gate – Doha 1st preview

Taxi2Gate_Doha_preview01Like other destinations in the Middle-East, Doha in Qatar tends to attract tourism and business, making its airport a key to achieve such economic developments.

The first preview of Doha (OTHH) by Taxi2Gate is already online : click here for their Facebook page.

Just Planes – Miami Intl 2013-2014

The 8th airport Blu-Ray of Just Planes is entirely filmed in Miami Intl.

Be a spectator of numerous airliners operations during this 3h40min long video.