Review: Wheel Stand Pro Deluxe V2 (translated from german)


Hardware is the key, if you want to reach the higher levels of simulation. But it’s not the device itself, that makes things look and feel different. It’s also the rigg for it. Where would you find the joy in simming with the best HOTAS system, the most realistic yoke, the best rudder pedals without proper fixation? Look at the picture above. This is not really a simmers dream, is it?

Well, some of our simming friends in Poland thought similar and here you are: Wheel Stand Pro offers a variety of solutions both for racing and flight simulation enthusiasts.

German reviewer Stefan Benzinger took a ride – see here, what he knows to tell:

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Aerosoft – Mega Airport Brussels new pics

AO_EBBR_Brussels_preview_April14Follow Mega Airport Brussels development in Aerosoft previews forum by clicking this link.

At this stage, the custom buildings are getting interior details, while the exterior model of the airport buildings and terminals have not received all their textures yet.

Exeter Intl airport project


Found in FSDeveloper forum, the project of Exeter Intl airport scenery already reveals many details up to the torn apron surface with numerous services vehicles around the custom buildings.

This link will guide you directly to the latest screenshots post, scroll up the page for the older posts. The developers SXAirportDesign also have their own Facebook page.

Temporary AES for Dublin X and Berlin


Airport Enhancement Services fans won’t have to wait for next official update to use the ground services and vehicles with Dublin X and Berlin Brandenburg airports of Aerosoft.

Find the temporary update to apply on AES version 2.34 in their support forum here.

Carenado B200 flies to X-Plane

2As they are one of the most prolific cross-platform developers in the FS industry, it is unsurprising that Carenado yesterday added their B200 business turboprop to the list of their packages available for X-Plane 10.

As the list of features Carenado provide on their site is so long, if you’re an X-Plane pilot interested in what is on offer, you might want to check out the full list, here. Some of the highlights include custom, plugin controlled, gauges, rain and ice effects, custom sounds and even polarising windows for the cabin.

Toper Calculator 737 Classics


This easy to use tool will calculate V-Speeds for your Boeing 737–300/-400/-500 takeoff performance.

It takes in account the assumed temperature, the flaps position used 5° or 15°, and the accurate data of Boeing will allow you to get all the necessary data to fill them in your FMS takeoff page.

Coded by Nikola Jovanovic, he’s already author of other computation tools for the 777 and 737-800.

Visit Peru with Just Planes

Readers of a certain age, possibly just British ones, may remember a bear named Paddington. He was from Darkest Peru.

Now, thanks to Just Planes, you can visit Peru in the company of the turboprop airliners of LCPeru – the publishers’ first airline from the country to be featured.

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Alaskan “Final Frontier” version 10… in XP10

Alaska has been a draw for simulated pilots for about as long as it has been available to visit. With many communities only reachable by air, sea, or long mountain and forest hikes, the area is reliant on bush aircraft to live at all and commercial air travel for communication with the ‘lower 49′ and onwards to much of the rest of the world.

Now available for X-Plane 10 is “Final Frontier 10“, from Scenery4XP, covering the Alaskan Panhandle from the Misty Fjords up to Juneau, with a total of 120 airports and seaplane bases within its borders. Look here for more information and screenshots.

Imagine Sim – ZSPD Shangai Pudong FSX

ImagineSim_Shangai_FSXTwo months earlier, only FS2004 pilots could get ZSPD Shangai Pudong scenery, the international airport of the most populated Chinese city designed by Imagine Sim.

It’s now also available for FSX where you will find all custom buildings, realistic ground markings, and thousands of specific objects, ground vehicles. It will be AES compatible in its next update.

Special Easter Deals

newsletter_70th_d-daysimMarket shop has been running numerous Easter sales offers this week, and they are still available at this time.

Most of them are promoted in their last newsletter. Click here if you are not already subscribed or go directly to simMarket.