Garmin G1000 Trainer and Hardware

GeneralSimulator - Garmin G1000 Trainer G1KGet a master piece of hardware at simMarket as they have now added the Garmin G1000 Trainer in stock.

Order either the hardware itself manufactured by GeneralSimulator, or better the Complete G1K Plus with the Computer System inside. Note that the shipping costs are FREE worldwide.

Realworld Scenery – Qatar, SuperHD

148374_2015-6-27_12-22-8-456 copy

Realworld Scenery have been fairly active throughout the Middle Easts photo-real scenery at the moment. After their initial flow of a few USA photo-real, They introduced Dubai which ended up with their new product which has just been put out on the shelves; Qatar “Super-HD” It looks amazing from the previews (About all 37 of them) The coverage and clarity of the scenery looks fantastic and I may have to try it out myself with T2G’s Doha airport..

Carenado – Navajo PA31 Released



Carenado’s Navajo PA31 has been released for FSX/P3D and offers 4096×4096 HD VC textures along with Flight1 GTN 750 and Reality XP GNS530 integration although they need to be purchased separately. It can currently be purchased on their site above and will be available on simMarket sometime soon.

Aerosoft – Mega Airport Rome Announced


Over on the Aerosoft Forums, Mathijs posted some previews of their upcoming Mega Airport Rome. If you remember; They originally had a one planned a while back but the FSX version was scrapped right at the end when it wasn’t up to their standards. Aerosoft promised they would do better soon.. and here is that proof. Compatible with FSX/P3D v2, High resolution ground textures, Amazing night lighting and lots more are planned and I hope this project ends great.


Majestic – Q400 Update


Majestic have released an update recently whilst they are working on the Pro edition. It addresses a range of issues and can be found under the file name “Release Candidate_1″ on their user area. Simply enter your order number/ Cd key along with your email to gain access and you shall see it there. A range of fixes for issues such as things with; The FMS, Instruments and System compatibility. For a full change list please see their post.

VATSIM RealOps at Sydney July 11th

VATSIM---RealOps-Sydney“Book your flight now !” is the invitation of VATSIM Network to join the virtual pilots and controllers who will meet in Sydney YSSY airport on July 11st.

Obviously, FlyTampa’s latest scenery is the perfect addition to make it very special.

BBS – screenie of new A320 VC (V0.8X)

BBS - A320 VC 0.8xx preview June 15Let’s awake the BlackBox Simulation A320 pilots with bits of news from the developers. The next step for their A320 will be to receive a new 3D virtual cockpit along the V0.8xx update, as you can see it in their last Facebook post.

FS2Crew – NGX Reboot, Status Update


FS2Crew posted on their page that they were hoping on a release by the end of the month although there were a few outstanding bugs which is delaying the release. They are working hard to fix it and they also said Emergency NGX  functionality will be included in SP1 for free as they decided not to include it in the initial release to help avoid over loading users.


Majestic – Dash 8 Update Preview


Majestic Software have posted a few previews on their page about some upcoming previews in their next updates/upgrade releases. They’re pretty much self explanatory so take a look and head over to their page.

Megascenery Earth – Ultra Res Rocky Mountains



Megascenery Ultra-Res Rocky Mountains, 24,000 square miles, 44GB and all at 50cm/pixel. Included is also a complete set of charts for Colorado in a PDF format. If you own Megascenery Earth Colorado then you can still use both and all you need to do is place Ultra-Res Rocky mountains above Colorado’s main. Anyone got them both? What are your thoughts so far?

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