29Palms Scenery Design – Skiathos v1.5 soon

Numerous improvements and new features have been added to Skiathos version 1.5 scenery by 29Palms Scenery Design.

Among them, we find the P3D v4 compatibility of course, as many customers have been waiting for it.

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FWS – Super Traffic Board V3 FOR P3D V3-V4

Flying W Simulation‘s Super Traffic Board is now compatible with P3D V4 too. It displays real time flights information of your AI traffic schedules.

It can work with many AI traffic addons and custom made traffic too, and you can even install it on another network PC.

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Flight 1 – GTN 750 with P3D V4

Flight 1 Aviation Technologies confirmed this week that their GTN 750 simulator is now compatible with P3D v4.

Unlilke the 650/750 series of the mother company Flight 1, this simulator runs in its own window and is not meant for integration in a panel or virtual cockpit. On the other hand, this is a very […]

Spike Productions – Piper Warrior PA-28 now for P3D V4

Despite of its low price, the Piper Warrior PA-28 of Spike Productions has a lot to offer : working circuit breakers, printable performance charts, checklists and procedures, realistic gauges, sounds and flight model.

The version 1.2 now supports P3D v4 along other P3D v3/2 and FSX compatibility. And this is a free update for […]

GEX World Edition for Prepar3D supports V4

Flight 1 announced that Ground Environment X for Prepar3D supports now the latest version 4.

“Additionally thousands of textures have been updated for color and tone. This is a large update.” added the American publisher. Exchange with other users in the support forum.

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Just Flight – DC-8 50 to 70 Service Pack 2

In the new Service Pack 2, the DC-8 Jetliner of Just Flight receives new coded autopilot and fuel system.

More information will be delivered when you visit JustFlight here.

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REX4 Texture Direct & P3D V4

The very large set (16Gb) of quality environment textures provided by REX Game Studios, entitled Texture Direct is now compatible with P3D v4.

Next week, we should see coming Texture Direct with Soft Clouds pack, also for P3D V4. Follow their upgrade progress here.

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Vox ATC version 7.4

With its integrated voice recognition, the air traffic control software provided by VoxATC goes a few steps further with the new version 7.4.

The support of P3D V4/V3 is ensured, and the vectors to the terrain hills will be now avoided. The traffic generation improvement and the net server feature to run the program on […]

MilViz – More Aircraft For P3D V4

Added to the F-86D Sabre, and the F-100D Super Sabre, Milviz now count 3 products more in the Prepared V4 aircraft category.

Their Cessna C310R, T-38A Jet Trainer and the T-38A Advanced are also compatible with the latest version of P3D. The upgrade is free of charge for existing customers.

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PMDG – DC-6 Cloudmaster Update

A first update for the PMDG – DC-6 Cloudmaster has been released in order to resolve a few issues shortly after release for P3D/FSX.

The team reminds also their previous updates launched last week for other airliners addons if you have been too busy to notice them.

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