FS2Crew for iFly 737NG P3D4

Bryan York of FS2Crew announced the release of the 64bit version of FS2Crew iFly 737NG Edition, so yes, this is the exact product you need for P3D4.

Using the coupon code WINTER2017, the product will be sold under 10 Euros here.


Captain Sim – 757 Captain III Available

Captain Sim comes back to the Boeing 757 simulation with a new generation add-on for P3D and FSX.

In the base pack, you get the Boeing 757-200 with PW2037 and PW2040 engines. The features include the complete avionics up to the weather radar, the auxiliary 2D panels, and the full passengers cabin in 3D. It […]

QualityWings News

The latest Faecbook post by QualityWings confirm they have started the preparation of the 787 for P3D v4 with a first test version sent to the Beta team. There are still a few items under works like the TCAS and dynamic lights.

Their older products 146 and 757 will be moved to the Flight1 wrapper […]

FSPXAI – Boeing 737MAX FSX/P3D AI-Traffic

The aircraft collection of FSPXAI is growing fast : pure accurate models, well detailed ad optimized at the same time for exclusive use as AI traffic models.

After the 787, A330, 777, A340, A380 and Bombardier, it’s time to have a look at their new product : the 737 MAX, that you can integrate in […]

iFly 2018 Roadmap

Next year, iFly will develop a textures update pack for the 737NG with new high definition textures (2048 pixels) for both exterior and virtual cockpit models in P3D v4 64 bit..

The 747-8i will complete the current 747 product as a free update for the registered customers in FSX, P3D v3/v4.

Their major new aircraft […]

Flightdeck Solutions – 737MAX PRO MX Series

In a few days, Flightdeck Solutions should be able to reveal price and features facts about their upcoming 737MAX PRO MX series, their new cockpit parts replicas of the new generation 737.

Meanwhile, watch their pictures and dream you can afford one some day.


Captain Sim 757

Captain Sim stated in public via Facebook that their next product will be the 757 Captain III, remade from scratch with PW2037 and PW2040 engines.

The developers team stick to the double simulators support, P3D and FSX, the auxiliary 2D panels and a full cabin passenger with an entertainment system.


QualityWings 787 Hotfix 2

The second important update for 787 pilots flying with QualityWings model in FSX is ready.

More crash to desktop issues have been solved, and various problems of Autopilot and PFD/ND displays should be now resolved. You can use either the quick Hotfix 2, or the full installer version 1.0.2 as you prefer.


QualityWings – Ultimate 737 Classic .. cancelled

Almost four years ago, QualityWings and Enigma Simulations merged. This last team had the 737 Classic project already running for a while and the final product should have been rolled out under the brand of QualityWings.

According to the story of the leading manager, Enigma members remained on their own side working on the […]

TSS – 787 GEnx-1B HD Pilot Edition FSX P3D

The experts of soundsets Turbine Sound Studios sell a new package to fit in the Dreamliner Boeing 787 with both internal and external sounds.