Welcome to the new simFlight Site!

Greetings! You have found the new system site!

Now based on WordPress the site comes with all the functionality of the so named ‘Web 2.0’ and beyond.

We are running a beta test of the system now, things might change, things might not work 100%…. we welcome you to let us know about that, you can do so by commenting on this post.

Feel free to browse and take the site to the test…. we welcome your comments !

The simFlight Team

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  1. Okay…. I must fill in the “leave a reply” fields… i didn’t do that the first time. (sorry)

    And whooo, what a difference, feels like visiting a totally different website. is nog active.

    In the logo make the ‘f’ een capital ‘F’ simFlight.
    Very curious about the admin.php possibility’s, how to make a newspost.
    For the layout, is there any own input like now ?


  2. Hi!

    Congratulations to your new software – a good choice!
    Let me know if I can help or if you´re interested in sharing knowledge and newspost (I know, there´s a german simflight, but I hope you´re sharing my opinion that sharing links and posts helps both of us 😉 )

    All the best,

  3. rob: i think i fixed it! thanks for pointing it out.

    markus: thank you much, we can learn a lot from you and we sure are interested in sharing… that’s what this is all about.

  4. I fall to my knees weeping at the sight of the new SimFlight. Thank you, thank you, thank you. FS portal sites have a bit of a reputation as eyesores. Bless you for upgrading to a design that’s easier on the eyes. Sometimes you don’t realize how much a design is grating on your nerves until it’s fixed.

  5. Hmmm, my previous comment went off into the ether when I submitted. I think Akismet has a grudge against my primary email addy. Anyway, excellent job on the new face of SimFlight! It’s an enormous improvement in my opinion.

  6. Congratulations on the new look folks, as Bill said, this is a welcome change. Don’t forget to add the reviews into the margin though! 😉

  7. Just in passing…

    Can we expect a prettier simFlight network logo? Brand identification and all that…

    Oh yes… Eagleskinner… yes, it’s me – CBris 🙂

  8. nick: thanks, reviews can now simply be submitted by anyone, aswell as news items. to do that click on the ‘Submit News’ link on the top right. it will take you to login page if you do not yet have an account and then to the ‘write’ page. there you will find a fully featured html editor with direct plugs to our media library, our gallery, youtube, google videos, etc..

    This means that you can not only enter text, but also upload your screenshots or link them from somewhere else.. the possibilities are al there! of course we are still cleaning out the bugs (that is why this project is still called ‘beta’) and we welcome all feedback.

    chris: yes, working on it…. maybe we should let our users make suggestions? i know there is loads of graphics talent out there (no, i am the one exception unfortunately, i just did the beta logo :-))

  9. Thanks for the info on the features, I’ll take a peak at that. Why not ask Bill to create a nice logo, hes is a talented graphic designer after all and as he’s been whining about the old site, it’s the least he can do…ha!

  10. Or maybe a competition? I remember the Aussim logo development was a really involved effort and a lot of the reasoning that went into the final choice was surprisingly psychological. Ask the man in the street what logos spring to mind most readily. “Three Stripes” or the “swoosh” will probably feature among the sporty types. Coke, the McDonalds “M”, the BA “Flagtail”…

    Logo design is more than rocket science and that is why it is so expensive – make sure you present the bill, Bill!

    (Did I really just write that last line?)

  11. bill: thank you!

    eagleskinner: the first part of your comment was nice… but the second… grrrr :-))))))

  12. I like the look because it looks clean and organized rather than just splattered on the screen. The soft colours are easier on the eyes too. Two things, just an opinion, of course:
    1) On the dates of the news items put the day of the week there too. I check Simflight almost everyday, but I usually don’t know what the date is, but I do know it’s Monday, for example. It’ll help in that I will know what day of the week the news item was posted and if it’s current or not, or if I’ve already read it at a quick glance.
    2) I don’t need to see the web stats in the central part of the page. You probably are interested, but I don’t care if the IE7 is more popular or Windows XP.

  13. Just a few comments…

    The thing I like about the previous site and others out there, is that with my 24″ widescreen display it automatically stretches out the whole width. With the new site, it looks very thin and I have to scroll down a lot to read all the new articles. I see its designed for people with 1024×768 and 1280×1024 monitors.

    Also, I think there could be a lot more ‘stylish’ banner at the top with colour and a new logo.

    Other then that, well done!


  14. jp: yes, the pros and cons discussion of fixed or flexibel width for a site are as old as the web itself 🙂 i have decided for this fixed withd at it is better controlable, you just know what fits, what does not and what can be done and what not. when choosing the fixed width one has to take in account the different used resolutions that vary from older monitors with small sizes (1024) to the size you have. these days many notebooks are used to browse the net, this mostly have 1280×1024 resolutions and most monitors can deal with that size aswell. you can even read this size on your iphone!.
    i understand that at 24″ the font gets to small to read.. this gives me the idea to integrate a javascript that gives your the option to enlarge the font by clicking on a button.. will look into it.

    the ‘banner’ is still pending currently.. but we do want to keep it simple.. suggestions are welcome!

  15. The new site layout appears fine, but I find it very slow to load. The same applies when selecting items from the menu lists on the home page. I wonder if others have noticed

    The old website was always very fast and I used it on a daily basis. At current speed I would not want to visit very often.

    SimMarket pages still load and operate normally.

  16. and it is slower.. much slower… or i hope to be able to say: it was much slower!
    you should be seeing performance increases from now on.

    ps: just out of interest, simmarket runs on completely different servers, even on different continents, they are completely separated.

  17. unfortunately it’s still slow like a snail 🙁

    That couldn’t be a wordpress issue – looks like a slow database server,hm?

  18. Yup, something is dead wrong. My own WordPress sites scream compared to simFlight. We’re working on it !!


  19. Congratulations on the fresh, clean appearance. Up until Thursday, 29 May, everything was appearing quite well on this end. Then the news item column and the one next to it on its right stopped refreshing each day and remained stuck on 29 May. The column on the far right, with references to latest forum posts, does continue to update each day, however. I looked for a place to post about this in the forums, but you have prevented making new posts in the best option, the administrative announcements forum. There is no web site management forum, so that option does not exist. I have deleted every cookie and allowed them to be rebuilt, and the problem remains uncorrected. If I load the website and then do a refresh, I get the most recent main page. Otherwise, I am forever looking at 29 May.

    As immensely important as that day’s news was , I’d rather see the most recent items.


  20. hmmm, sounds a lot like a cache problem, but server side (that’s our side), i have changed some settings now, is it still happening?

  21. On first accessing the site today, it opened with the latest news and other current information in all three columns. It appears your adjustment has eliminated the issue. Thanks.


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