It’s here: FLYTAMPA’s Hong Kong Kai-Tak

If this is not the one ‘eagerly’ ‘long-awaited’ ‘spectacular’ ‘fantastic’, etc, etc product then I don’t know what is?! 🙂 🙄

Yes, join us when we announce FlyTampa’s Hong Kong Kay Tak Scenery for FS2004 and FSX-SP2. It is available now! Get it here at simMarket.

There is no product page at FlyTampa‘s website yet, we will keep you posted, but there is a whale of images on their forum, here for example.

Let us know what you think of this scenery in the ‘comments’.

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  1. Off to look at the “whale” of images (are they swimming slowly through the tide of forum posts?) and then off to purchase what looks to be another excellent product from FlyTampa.

  2. This looks absolutely amazing! I lived there many many years ago and dad would take me for walks to the threshold fence and we’d watch Super Constellations arriving.

    I see the race track is there and although many of the highrises have been pulled down and rebuilt, it still looks like the Hong Kong I remember. Crowded, noisy (yes – it even looks noisy!), busy as a bee-hive and probably living up to it’s Chinese name (Doesn’t Hong Kong mean something like “Fragrant Harbour”? – which it certainly was when I lived there…)

    this is definitely likely to be a memory lane addon for some folk.

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