Abacus’ Green Packaging

Arnie Lee of Abacus Publishing reports on his blog that they have decided to package their CD/DVD products in paper sleeves from now on, replacing the ‘wasteful’ plastic folders that are commonly used for DVD packaging. Not only are they hoping to save some expensive oil (the basis for plastic) but do some good to the environment as well. We think it is an excellent idea !

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  1. I hope the type of card used has been chosen carefully. I believe that some types of card have chemicals contained within them that evaporate over time.

    Some Music CD covers have had this problem, and the CD’s have been damaged (corrosion of the metallic substrate in the disc).

    Excellent idea though.

  2. that sounds just an excuse, it was to save money on the manufacture process, because you stop wasting oil, but you now waste trees.. want to help the enviroment and money? dont make boxed editions and deliver it electronically

  3. Just a thought…. how do you suppose we get the electricity (mainly) to have the networks and computers run on that deliver/receive the sownloads (and that you play your games on)? .

    I think if mankind would REALLY want to save the earth we should extinct OURSELVES very quickly ! 😉

  4. David? You can grow and replace trees a heck of a lot faster than you can replace oil. Were you aware that according to some reports, the number of trees in Europe has actually increased by almost half (i.e. from 100% to 150%) in less than fifty years?

    The primary reason for that is sustainable forestry, apparently, for furniture and paper manufacture. Not only that, but the manufacture process of paper and cardboard uses considerably less energy than that for plastics.

    It probably has been doneat least partially, if not primarily, for financial reasons, but it is still a good move IMO.

    Ian P.
    (Who has no intention at all of exterminating anyone. He forgot his sink plunger and eggwhisk to stick to the upturned bin this morning…)

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