Gapalp’s InCabin Locate Utility

‘Gapalp’ has releases a little utility called InCabin Locate. “…..View a Google Earth window from within FSX and keep track of your location in the world. Also, keep track of where the nearest AI aircraft to you are located with some basic information when you click on them. Current FSX flight plan path, waypoints, and flight tracking are displayed on top of the Google Earth map as well….”. Read more on the simMarket Product Page.

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  1. Great. Another “advertisement” for the almighty SimMarket, however, it is clear from both the description and picture that this product should be FREEWARE. Again, it is clear that these greedy developers, as well as SimFlight, who openly support/fund/develop these “products,” that money is more important than its users.

  2. @Dan: also to you we keep speaking a clear language: you don’t like it? then go away and stay away please! no one, not even the evil almighty forces of simflight and simmarket together are forcing you to come here… REMEMBER THAT AT ALL TIMES!

  3. for everyones information: i just did an IP check and the person making similar comments over and over again is one and the same: Don Curran, Ding Ding, Dean Martin and Semen Fursov. What a poor lost soul it must be… blacklisted (better then closing off the comments for everyone!)

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