Central Florida Airfields Vol 3 & 4

Volume 3 and Volume 4 of Joe Watson’s Central Florida GA Airfields are now available on simMarket too. Joe Watson has used the embedded FSX capabilities and objects to render a large number of small and private airstrips in Central Florida a more life-like aspect. Out of the (FSX) box these are all barren fields, just showing a runway and nothing else. Hardly realistic. By placing default objects in a natural fashion, Joe has given these fields a more realistic appearance, although they are not modeled after the real world as such….”. Check them out on simMarket.

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  1. Stop advertising simMarket products, that is all you report…err advertise on the front page of your site. Grow some balls, Simflight, and take such criticism seriously, and post some unbiased news!

  2. hey ding ding: why don’t you go ahead and propose other news instead of just bitching around?

    there is a link on the top menu that reads ‘CONTRIBUTE’, what do you think it is there for?

  3. You might like to take a look at the bottom of ther Simmarket front page, “Ding Ding”, specifically the line that says “Copyright © 2002-2008 simFlight GmbH”.

    simMarket and simFlight are part of the same organisation. The bottom line is that simMarket pays for simFlight. Without one, you don’t have the other.

  4. As a long time daily reader of Simflight, I have often seen articles advertising products which have nothing to do with either Simflight or Simmarket. However as Ian quite rightly states, simmarket and simflight are all under one roof, so to speak, so why wouldn’t one promote the other? If this is a major problem for you, which it clearly is, why not go to one of the other websites that are available and avoid this one?

    And as to the proverbial heavy and pendulous items, perhaps you ought to look for your own and post with your name, rather than a pseudonym…

    Damn, did I get drawn in? Shame on me!

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