Review: Brussels 2007 Dreamfactory Studio

We are publishing a series of reviews originally written for and published in PC Pilots Ireland Club quarterly ‘PC Pilot’ magazine. We thank their president and friend Terry McGee as well as the reviewer for the opportunity.

new-tower.jpgThis Brussels 2007 Dreamfactory Studio scenery review was written by John Melville and first published in the September 2007 issue of PC Flight Magazine:

Brussels National airport is located to the Northeast of Brussels city just on the edge of the city limits in the district of Zaventem (which gives it its alternative name, strangely enough, of Brussels Zaventem). Not to be confused with that other Brussels Airport, Charleroi, located as near to Brussels as Mullingar is to Dublin but providing not unwelcome competition to the benefit of the consumer. In MS Flight Simulator, it has not been neglected given that an excellent freeware version by Robert Buysen was released for FS2002 and later updated for FS9. Now the authors at Dream Factory Studio (Cornel and Anneka Grigoriu of Gathenburg, Sweden) have released the first ever commercial rendition of Brussels National and I was delighted when Terry asked me to do this review as I have been flying in and out of Brussels for many years and hope to be able to give an objective assessment of the realism and accuracy of this piece of work.


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  1. Pity however is that the scenery creates a lot of telephone and electricity poles and billing boards someway NW of Zaventem and ruin therefore the airfield of Grimbergen scenery.

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