Boeing B-52 Stratofortress From PRE-Flight

PRE-Flight’s Jose Pena reports yet another model for his RC Simulator published. “…… The “Stratofortress” or BUFF (Big Ugly Fat Fellow) as its called by the Air Force, first entered operations in 1955 and is projected to become the longest operational aircraft of all time due to the Air Force’s intention to keep the B-52 in service until 2040. …….”.

“…..Designed to “exceed all expectations” of its initial conception, the BUFF broke many records of endurance, speed and altitude in the first few decades of its life. Its ultra-high reliability has earned it an 80% mission-capable rate – the highest of any aircraft on record.

This super scale PRE-Flight model of the B-52 has moveable control surfaces and unique retractable landing gear, which, like the original’s, can pivot 20 degrees outward.

To download this and other models and to download the PRE-Flight Demo, visit PRE-Flight RC Flight Simulator web site.

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