simMarket Drops All Download Limitations

Just in for our staff at simMarket: “As of today simMarket has done away with the download limitations imposed on ordered product downloads previously.

Customers will now be able to access their downloads whenever they wish to do so and indefinitely. This also applies to ALL orders made since 2003. is a division of simFlight GmbH. It sells simulation products since 1997 to over 130.000 customers worldwide.”

Visit simMarket at and…. Happy Downloading!

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  1. As a developer who uses Simmarket I very much support this new decision. I think it was long overdue.


  2. And as a customer who did a lot of shopping on simmarket I do as well!
    This is absolutely great – thanks to the simflight team!



  3. One word. Great! Less administration, more customer satisfaction.
    Now a search function for the account to search trough all purchases and you guys a becoming topnotch!


  4. Great news. You have my continuing support.
    Can we please consider the refund policy say something along the lines of the F1 wrapper?

  5. Nice move
    I was sad to not be able to download anymore (even if I record them on dvd)

  6. good for passing link between customer and not paying people… a paying customer has username and pass at simmarket then pass it to friends and they can download freely …it is genial for not paying products(do not take this comment badly i want be constructive)….i do not like this idea perhaps… just increasing the download number and for more day than 15 can be enough or at least accept the download only from the ip’s customer?

    i don’t like also the fact that you pass a product on simmarket and the day after it is on the pirate bay.

    the limitation on download was the only “very little” stopping thing, at least for paying people that do not use the piratebay.

    I understand the take for free is a good thing especially in this bad economy moment but there are people on paying companies that needs to give food to their family too…each crackers of piratebay’s people.
    And people thinking with payware product people become rich they are very very far…it is just a normal job as other..some months better some months not.

    I m ready to read many post against me and payware of course…especially from someone do not work on web

  7. Richard,

    I would think that if a customer passes his password onto his friends
    no doubt that account will soon get an unusually high number of downloads and will then have to be blocked.

    If a customer is downloading the same file even as little as 2 or 3 times a day it doesn’t take a genius to figure out his id/password may have been compromised.

    I see no greater risk from this, than from the limited number of downloads that were allowed before.

    The upside is, we developers no longer have to deal with the constant barrage of ‘My HD crashed and I lost all my files’ emails. The customer’s upside is obvious.


  8. This is beyond unbelievable! Good…err..great marketing decision! Thanks!

    Best regards,

  9. I have supported Simmarket since 1997 when they were operating under a different name and I’ve been a victim of a lot of Hard Drive Crashes and Windows misbehavior. I never seem to bother the Simmarket limitation since I always put the blame on myself.Now I do not have to suffer in silence anymore.

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