feelThere to announce “MAP!” an inflight map add-on

Soon you can track and follow all your flight just like you can in the cabin of a real airplane.

FeelThere announces ‘MAP! by feelThere” and inflight map add-on for fs9 and fsX. The add-on will work with all default and 3rd party add-on airplane. Just load the flightplan and watch your position, your past and remaining trip (great circle for the remaining just like on the real airplane). Watch the altitude, distance to/from your departure/destination, etc. For screenshots and more information visit our forum: CLICK

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  1. You know I’m actually all for realism and everything that makes a PC simulator as close to reality as possible.
    This add-on does nothing to make me feel more at the controls of an airplane…


    …it looks like good fun! It really does. A very inventive idea I must say, doing this for PC flight simulation.

    since we have seen that feelThere is actually incapable of producing highest level airliner add-ons (just look at the Airbus fiasco and the rushed-out EMB-170) I think it’s best if they’d just stick to this kind of add-ons. Either this or feelThere says good-bye to Wilco so they can take the time they need to actually complete an airliner before releasing it.


  2. From feelThere ? Tower’s publisher ? screenshots posted by Vic ? Tower’s programmer ?

    I dont know why i’m a bit afraid…

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