Blueprint Software Releases Montreal

Blueprint Software reports the release of their first Canadian scenery, the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. “….. CYUL is the primary international airport in Quebec and the second busiest in Canada. With non-stop flights to every continent except Australia, it will surely remain a key component of the North American aviation network….”. The airport is available from simMarket in an FSX version and in a separate FS2004 version.

0 Responses

  1. Sorry, but is this really a payware scenery?

    When reading your headline I was thrilled to have at long last a scenery of Montreal, but frankly, the shots are truly very disappointing!

  2. Have to agree here. While the actual 3D modeling of the buildings is quite nice, texturing remains as horrible as ever. Too bad really, would have liked a nice Canadian airport.
    Plus those sceneries lack all attention to detail you get from Tampa, FSDT and GAP… Looks way to sterile and lifeless for my taste…

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