ACE Releases Boeing 737NG Yoke

ACE of Canada reports the release of their yoke system. “……. Now you can fly Boeing 737 NG how it’s is meant to be flown. Aircraft Controls Engineering (ACE) has announced the availability of an all metal, specially powder coated fully realistic 737 Yoke. It has been under development for over two years. Matured to perfection with help from Boeing, various pilots and flight simulator enthusiasts…..”. “…..Design tolerance of +/- 0.20 mm the 737 Yoke provides authentic functionality and precision and stability. You also get true “plug-n-play” connectivity through  USB for easy installation on multiple platforms without the need for custom drivers. For more information visit Aircraft Controls Engineering…..”.

For a mere $ 1150 the yoke is yours Read more here.

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Monday, September 29, 2008 16:24

…and the price is as much as a complete non-replicated 737 🙂

Markus Burkhard
Monday, September 29, 2008 14:00

This one certainly looks impressive. But WHY did they stop short of perfection? Why the hell do they include a SAAB trim switch when they replicate a Boeing yoke? The reason for that really is beyond me.
Or at least remove those silly markings on the switch, the Boeing yoke does not have those, that would make it a bit less worse…