Aerobatics Championships Results

Michael Garbers reports about his Aerobatics Championship: “……. Again this year is another step forward in virtual aerobatics. Despide the small field of participants – the announcement of the VWAC2008 was a bit late this year – we reached the unlimited level of flight. World Championship titles will only be awarded in classes flown by or more than three pilots……”.

“…… So congratulation for the World Champion in Primary: Martijn van Huygevoort from the Netherlands. It’s the second title in row. will award Martijn with a small price.

1. 83.15% Martijn van Huygevoort (NED)
2. 59.91% Lukas Huber (AUT)
3. 58.89% Christian Vollmann (AUT)

1. 72.12% Peter Ballard (USA)
2. 71.94% Marco Calcinotto (ITA)

1. 47.40% Jürgen Heuwetter (GER)
-. 36.43% Michael Garbers (GER)

4-Min Freestyle:
1. 77.50% Jürgen Heuwetter (GER)
2. 72.00% Lukas Huber (AUT)

The detailed results can be refered here…..”.

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