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Francois is doing such a great job with the simMarket newsletter these days, that we thought we would show it to you, should you not be a subscribed user already. The current Newsletter can be seen in all it’s glory here: CLICK!

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  1. Well – its a normal newsletter with some graphic – do you see that as something special? Thousands of other people are doing it that way as well – and many with better images and formats…

    Cheers anyway – Heiner

  2. @ heiner: for you it maybe that… for us, those who make it, it is much more then that.. there is always better, always!

  3. Nothing to do with this post, but I can’t seem to find any way to get hold of you guys.

    What’s happened to the advertising I’ve paid for on this site? I’ve posted a message on your forum ( as all I get via email is an automated response that doesn’t help.

    I paid $50 for a 1 month ad and now you’ve just taken the ads off the site! It would’ve been nice if you’d let the advertisers know what you were doing.

    Please put the ads back or refund me.

    This is the third time I’ve tried to contact you. Please respond now, otherwise I’ll have to post on FlightSimX warning others what happens when they advertise with you.

    Your actions are so unprofessional, they defy words.

  4. mark, i fail to understand your query, your booking was made for 7 days, it started 2008-11-23 and ended 2008-11-30. it was NOT for one month!

    we actually waited for your ad to expire, to take away the offer because it does not seem to generate enough interest.

    and how have you ‘tried’ to contact us? my email address is no secret,, i would think everyone in the business knows it.

    and please: relax, what is your aggressive tone going to achieve for you? .. feel free to post whatever you want on any site you own, be happy man!

  5. Okay, well how stupid do I feel now?!

    Please accept my sincere apologies for my rant. It was indeed for a week and not a month as I had claimed.

    I apologise wholeheartedly and that’ll teach me not to check things before going off on one.

    I couldn’t find a contact email address, I must admit, but I could’ve asked first.

    Again, my apologies.

    I’ve made this apology here in public rather than emailing you as I chose to air it in public in the first place.

    I’m off to hide in a corner somewhere.


  6. Thanks

    I must read my email before making stupid comments
    I must read my email before making stupid comments
    I must read my email before making stupid comments


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