OZx Releases Grand Canyon and KGCN Photoreal

OZx report that they “….. have released the photoreal scenery of the Grand Canyon area. The scenery is for FSX SP2 only, it has a resolution of 2m/pixel, autogen and nightlights, Summer season only. The main airport of the area, KGCN (Grand Canyon Natural Park) has been dramatically improved. It is a stunning scenery, created by Antonio C., and Maurizio G…..”.“….. The photoreal scenery is based on the latest techniques, to ensure a real visual experience in flight. Colorado river has animated water in the parts where it’s bigger. To download this scenery please visit the product page by clicking here Preview Screenshots can be found in the forum thread by clicking here…”.

There is now also an additional mesh available, made by Holger Sandmann, which you can find here.

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  1. Excellent Scenery, took a Helicopter flight from Boulder City, NV to
    the Grand Canyon mid October and must admit that Antonio and Maurizio did a great job. With the Mesh provided By Holger it looks real when you fligh over it. The only thing which should be changed is that there are no trees around KGCN in reallity ( only some Joshua Trees which look more like bushes)

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