F-16 Falcon Boxed By Aerosoft

Also available in the simMarket ‘box range’ from Aerosoft now is their F-16 Fighting Falcon model for FSX. Unfortunately FSX doesn’t really lend itself for military aircraft, as there is little you can ‘do’ with them. But this particular model is so detailed that it is a fun to ‘just’ fly. Get it from the simMarket shop shelves now.

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  1. GREAT plane, inside and out. The cockpit is unbelievably good. I have to remind myself I’m not in a real F-16 sometimes. The MFD’s and HUD rock! The HUD stays where it should (so it stays accurate) when you move your head around, and the little velocity vector is accurate. Plus you can lock up and chase ai planes, refuel, etc. The outside… well great paints (58 of them!!), good bump-mapping, and the detail in some of the flight surfaces, actuators and all, and the landing gear mechanisms… unreal. Best fighter jet ever released for any MSFS version. Not even close in my mind, and I own a lot of them. If you read other forms you’ll see comments like these over and over.

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