Wilco’s Revolution: Tilt your Rotor, Land in your Garden!

Tilt Rotor does the trick,  a VTOL (that’s Vertical Take Off and Landing)  and VSTOL (that’s Vertical/Short Take Off and Landing, yes we had to look it up aswell) capable ingenious concept of flying that Wilco Publishing has now announced to port into the Flight Simulator. But see the movie and read more after the click.


“Tilt Rotor is poised to revolutionize the way we fly. By combining the speed, altitude, and comfort of a turboprop with the vertical takeoff and landing capabilities of a helicopter, we can enjoy the best of both worlds.

No longer will airstrips and airports be necessary for high flying executive travel.

Full-size, fixed-wing aircraft capacity means more space for special functions like short-haul airline work, medical evacutations, military payloads and much more, with the convenience of VTOL helicopter operation or VSTOL in tight corners!

With an operational ceiling of 25,000 ft., this versatile aircraft will fly in icing conditions and extreme climates, from the Arctic to the desert with a range of 750 nautical miles and cruising speeds of 275 knots. 
Transition from vertical to conventional flight is a breeze in this aeroplane and the on-board systems all combine to make life easier for the pilot under extreme conditions. 

The Wilco Publishing Tilt Rotor is a simulation of the Bell Agusta 609, developed by Bell Agusta Aerospace Company, a joint venture of Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc. and Agusta Westland. With prototypes already flying, its official certification is scheduled for 2010.

This simulation breaks new ground in Flight Simulator! No other VTOL/VSTOL simulation comes close to replicating smooth transitional flight the way this Tilt Rotor does. Simply, it goes where Microsoft hadn’t intended and does it comfortably and successfully.”

The Wilco Web for this is here: CLICK

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  1. This has to be one of Wilco’s worst add on’s. The 2D panel is none existant and it seems like it was rushed out to sell. I wish I hadnt wasted my money on this product!

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