Newport’s Hawaiian Kalaupapa

Something different for a change, and more than just some phototextures as you can read in the features list in the second part of this message. “…… Kalaupapa is a small village on the island of Molokai in the state of Hawaii. The village is located on the Kalaupapa peninsula at the base of the highest sea cliffs in the world, dropping about 3,315 feet (1,010 m) into the Pacific Ocean. Kalaupapa peninsula was created when lava erupted from the ocean floor near Kauhako Crater and spread outward, forming a low, shield volcano…..”.


“…… This was the most recent volcanic episode on the island, occurring after the formation of the cliffs by erosion. Today the dormant crater contains a small lake more than 800 feet (240 m) deep.

This detailed scenery includes:

* High resolution photo real aerial scenery textures of the Kalaupapa peninsula
* High resolution photo real water
* custom large moving waves
* The photo real scenery and water blends smoothly with the default scenery and water so that you do not get straight lines where photo real meets default
* Hundreds of accurately placed island vegetation objects and buildings
* Custom placed Kalaupapa airport (PHLU) objects to enhance the airport scenery
* Live moving animals: Seagulls, Dolphins, and whales.
* Sounds of crashing waves and seagulls
* The crashing of the waves creates a large spray off the end of runway 23 where the waves hit the rocks, just like in real life at that airport.
* Photo real night textures
* Endless Enjoyment!…..”.

Kalaupapa is available on simMarket as of today.

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