Small Update For FS-Recorder Now Available

brightonbeach3FS-Recorder, that delightful little freeware addon from Matthias Neusinger that lets you go formation flying on your own, has been updated. Matthias writes:

“As already announced in the support forum, I had no time for further development of FS Recorder during the last year, but here is at least a minor update.”

FS Recorder 1.33 is available for download here:

FS2004 version
FSX version


– Fixed a problem when selecting multiple files for playback with long path or filenames (playback didn’t work if the total length of path and filenames exceeded 256 characters)

– FSX only: Smoke system is recorded for multiplayer aircraft (if smoke recording is enabled in settings)

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  1. Indeed. I’ve used this since the beginning and it is now a mandatory addition to both my FS9 and FSX. Thank you for the continued support.

  2. I’ve used fsrecorder for some years now to make movies and screenies. Wonderful tool.
    Unfortunately, having removed 1.32 I now get an error message when installing this update.
    Off to try downloading again or seek help/support/therapy

  3. Solved my own problem…. don’t be lazy like I was, unzip the program first. Don’t try installing from the unzipped folder. DOH!

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