Quick Poll: Box or Download?

After the sucess of our last Quick Poll (FS9 or FSX) and while we are awaiting the hopefully speedy and final recovery of your regular host , here is an new issue we would like to know from you: do you prefer to purchase a Flight Sim product as a Boxed Version or as a Download Version?

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The comments are of course open for discussion on the issue.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009 08:12

With my company hat off, I would prefer boxes, but normally use downloads, simply because of storage space. I’ve been in the PC industry for a long time and shelf after shelf after shelf of old, no longer usable, software is a pain in the backside. You don’t want to send it to landfill, but no-one else wants a ten-year-old software add-on (except maybe someone with too much money on an internet auction site). Downloads on the other hand, you can simply back up to a storage device, which is a lot easier to retain. Then you just have to… Read more »

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 23:19

For people that connect at any type of high speed, the instant option is great. But for those of us that are still forced to connect via dial-up, the box version is a great option.

So offer both of the options.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 22:47

plug: simMarket does not limit the amount of downloads any longer since september, see here: https://simflight.com/2008/09/simmarket-drops-all-download-limitations/
other stores may do so.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 22:23

Being limited to a 1mbps BB connection in my area I find that I tend to prefer downloads as long as the files aren’t so large that I am having difficulty downloading them. Generally files 600 megs and below aren’t too much of a problem, but when they start getting larger than that I start finding in increasingly difficult to get a reliable download and with stores that limit your number of download tries, it makes me not even want to bother trying. So in the end I had to choose ‘Box’ as I like having that option for those… Read more »

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 14:39

Taking the “company hat” off for a moment – downloads are OK for nearly all my acquisitions, but as the quality is improving so much in recent months – and inevitably thefile size – I find that the new sceneries tend to be rather “heavy”, even for a normal 6 megabit/sec telecom DSL line.

Any increase in download sizes now will mean us having to look at 32 MB cable DSL.

But once safely downloaded, a backup is easy to burn to DVD.