Silent Computer For Your Sim

arcticHilbert Hagedoorn has looked at a quiet and cool system. Maybe interesting for flightsimming too! “……There are many chassis out there claiming to be silent, yet the minute their fans spin up, your neck hairs start growing inwards back into the skin out of frustration. So we figured we’d look and test the Arctic Cooling Silentium T3…..”.
“…… Recently AC announced the Silentium series chassis. It comes with integrated powered supply and since they have a reputation to uphold .. the chassis been made silent all the way. So we’ll take you through a photo-shoot, then install a system based around a Q6600… and grab the good old dBa meter to see how silent the chassis really is. Read all about it here……”.

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  1. Interesting, yes. But a wee bit small. A good power supply unit (850 W and higher) can be quite large and start to cramp your style. Then you have the graphics cards – they aren’t that small any more. Put a pair of SLI or Crossfire in and things get cramped. Give us less noise by all means, but also give us air space for cooling. And one day we’ll have cases with more USB ports and sound ports on the front.

    Whose crackpot idea was it to put all the IO stuff on the back anyway? *laugh* Don’t answer that – I’ve played with computers since way back when – when a computer lay on top of the desk and you could stand the monitor on top.

    You might guess that I am a fan of Big Tower cases – Thermaltake make nice towers at a good price. Oh – and Guru 3D have some good reviews in that direction too…

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