Day: February 14, 2009

SimMarkets Newsletter Revamped

For those of you who have not yet subscribed to simMarket’s Newsletter, here’s something to know: recently we totally revamped it and assured regular (weekly)

Garry Summons’ Heathrow XTreme

Garry Summons (UK2000) released his new Heathrow version (FS9 and FSX) on simMarket. He writes “….. Welcome to the most stunning scenery ever made for

OZx Upgrades To 2.1

OZx reports “…. In addition to the already huge amount of airfields that are in OZx 2.0 we now have released OZx 2.1 upgrade, which

Agusta Helicopters For X-Plane 9.20

Ifly.It has released two Agusta helicopters, the Agusta Westland AW109S Grand and the larger AW139. “…. The Grand is a new top-of-the-range intermediate helicopter providing

Piper Cub From Flight Replicas

The Piper Cub is popular these days ! There’s one in FSX itself of course, and we have the FSAddon Supercub out there, and now

IYP Leaves Competition In The Dust

There are quite a few programs around these days that use ‘voice’ and/or sound to support your flightsim experience. Some read out (some) checklists, others

TSS Has Hornet FA-18 Sounds

TSS is “….. proud to announce the TSS FA-18 Hornet Soundpack for FS9 ( Will work with FSX). With this soundpack we have captured all

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