Piper Cub From Flight Replicas

flightrep-j3The Piper Cub is popular these days ! There’s one in FSX itself of course, and we have the FSAddon Supercub out there, and now Flight Replicas has made a version of their own, or rather 4 of them;  a standard version on wheels, a standard version on Edo 1320 floats, a  standard version on skis and a 1941 Franklin-engined ”Flitfire”.  “….. This FSX package will enable you to enjoy your flying in any season, in any environment, demonstrating the flexibility of the design and illustrating even more of the many reasons the J-3 is still such a popular aircraft today…..”. Available on simMarket today.

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  1. Darnit! I am going to be otherwise occupied for a while… But as this is from the same shed as the L4, you can bet that the L4 review could be simply repeated. I won’t be able to give a look at this bird for as much as six weeks, but it’s on my list. Anyone else care to review it?

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