vroute: how to get your flight planned in 5 steps

vroutelogoIt went unoticed for a while but now we found it: vroute has published a ‘Quick start tutorial‘ demonstrating how to use their vroute-premium tool to ‘find a route and calculate fuel requirements for your flight’.

The utility is developed by Michal Rok in Poland and comes in two versions, a free one called vroute.into and an extended one called voroute.premium, exact details after the jump.

“ is a revolutionary new online flying tool that combines in one place:

  • VATSIM server information (“servinfo”),
  • world’s largest flight plan database (73000 routes available as of Oct 2008),
  • flight and ATC booking features. has now a premium version which offers additional features such as fuel calculation, detailed airspace maps, FMC exports, instrument procedure charts and many more (see which one is right for me for a comparison).”

You can download both versions and try to your hearts content here and you can purchase your license also at your hearts content at simMarket.

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