POLL: Where Do You Get Your Flight Simulator News

We’re curious, and maybe so are you? Lets see where our readers get (most of) their Flight Simulator news from…. and yes, we’ll point others to this poll here too !

Let us know ALL your sources, multiple answers possible !

[poll id=”4″]

0 Responses

  1. I just tried to submit an answer, but was told to “make a valid selection” first, even though six boxes were checked. This poll is acting up a bit, me thinks.

  2. Same here as Bill.
    Though I’m using Mozilla on my work computer (Linux) – maybe that’s the reason?)-

  3. I was discussing this with Francois last night and it appears that it doesn’t work in the sidebar, you need to answer it in the post itself – so if you’re reading the comments on this page, try submitting your answers on this page too! It worked for me last night, when neither the “short” front page news article or the sidebar would.

    I’ll ask someone with more “back office” knowledge than me to have a look at it later today.

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