Carenado’s FS2004 Discounts

carenado-feb09-sale-350x150Carenado is offering a bunch of their FS2004 GA aircraft at big discounts. “…… These FS2004 aircraft will be on sale only for a few days until February 28th, 2009. Get the C210M Centurion II, PA28 Dakota 236, PA28 Archer II, V35 Bonanza and F33 Bonanza all for FS2004 at a fabulous price here at simMarket. At the same time we would like to invite to all the community to see our next project which has 3 pictures on our ‘screenshots section’. We hope this will be a great surprise for all……”.

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  1. Interesting to see an Arrow T-tail in production… I wonder what happened to the Dreamfleet one?

    And going into twins? Let’s see if they can get the flight characteristics modelled… I wonder also if there will be an FS9 variant of each?

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