New Force Feedback Joystick

hawk-joystickHilbert Hagedoorn reports “…… A Netherlands’ based company called Paccus Interfaces is designing a new joystick which they think will be the icing on top of the cake when it comes to joysticks. Current Force Feedback joysticks are very imprecise according to Joseph Melskens from Paccus. Paccus developed a totally new kind of joystick. One which is real 3D, is as precise and fast as a game mouse, it will have extra programmable keys, but most important has a unique (patented) fluid head based force feedback, that can pull you out of your seat! This is not a toy, it is made from metal…..”.
“…… This new joystick will embed new hydraulic technology, ensuring extreme precision and a very precise and new gaming experience. According to Paccus It took them four years with funding from the European Union and help of the Technical University’s of Delft and Eindhoven. Guru3D had an interview with Joseph Melskens from Paccus, we also have some examples of the prototype. And prototype, really mean PROTOTYPE as in not even close to a final design. The final product will be called Hawk and will be demonstrated at the Gamescom in Köln Germany, Augustus 2009. Click on this link for some exclusive coverage and our Guru3D interview…..”.

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