Flight1’s AirTrafficFX Version 2.0 Released

airtrfcfx3Jeff Smith of Flight1 reports that “…… The developers of AirTrafficFX have released version 2.0 of their popular air traffic generator for FSX.  The latest version includes updates and enhancements to the existing product and is a FREE update for all current AirTrafficFX users.  Some of these updates include: A ‘Time Delay’ feature that can be set to vary the amount of time AirTrafficFX waits before it adds an AI aircraft to FSX. …”.“…… Any number of aircraft, parked aircraft, traffic options and delay times can be recorded during an AirTrafficFX session and reloaded in a later session. Any number of files can be used for recording or playback in a single session.

AirTrafficFX is a powerful, yet simple-to-use air traffic generator for FSX. AirTrafficFX allows the user to add parked aircraft, local air traffic, enroute air traffic, and FSX ATC IFR air traffic. Formations can be added to local traffic, enroute traffic, and even your own flight. AirTrafficFX operates in real-time, no airline schedule management is required, and any installed fixed-wing aircraft can be used for air traffic generation….”.

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  1. Yummeee! That’s the right stuff for me! 6 Eagles tail chasing under the bridges…

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