BFG GeForce GTX 295

geforce295gtxHilbert Hagedoorn reports his findings on the GeForce GTX 295 from BFG. “….. BFG is the first to bring a liquid-cooled GeForce GTX 295 to the market. As extravagant liquid cooling a GeForce GTX 295 really is, the end results in cooling performance, gaming performance and the incredible aesthetics a product like this offers is extraordinary…..”.“….. The guys of Danger Den provided a massive copper block to sit in-between the two GPUs and chill them down to very nice temperatures. So in this article we’ll chat a little about the GTX 295 technology, then have a look at BFG’s bundle, a really extensive photo-shoot, look at performance with the hottest games available, overclock it until it nearly dies… and then sum it all up in our verdict. Fantastic stuff for the eyes as well. You can read the full review here…..”.

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  1. OK this is a really great graphic card. However, when you publish such a hype message for such a power monster on a website for flight simulation I also expect you to explain what all this performance does mean for the flight simulation users. And the sad truth is that there are only very small performance gains with this 480$ card compared to a 130$ NVIDIA Geforce 9800GTX+. And that’s the information what really matters for the flight simmers!

  2. If there is ‘hype’ in the article then that goes onto Hilbert’s account. We just publish the links to his articles because we believe flightsimmers are just as curious about hardware, or sometimes even more so, than the average gamer. We leave it to the readers to judge for themselves about the usefulness of Guru3D’s ‘reviews’.

    We’ve asked many times for more ‘benchmarking’ info specifically for flightsimmers, but being the niche market FS is, none of the hardware guru’s have come up with really useful data.

  3. I fully agree with both of you, to me is a bit strange becuse I thought that FS was one of the most graphic sims out there. So please test it with FS as well!

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