Ilyushin IL-86 Released

il86_seconds-to-thdAlexander Dementiev from Russia reports “……. New version of the greatest Russian airliner Ilyushin Il-86 is already available from the main freeware download libraries. This model was made by Kirill Konovalov and Stepan Gritsevsky. It includes a new visual model, a great panel, a Russian navigation system “Pizma” (FS9 only). Sounds for NK-886 engines  available separately…..”.
“….. The model includes all documentation, but the manual is in Russian only! Also you can select one of the 3 textures: Aeroflot(USSR), Aeroflot-Don and Ural Airlines. More textures wil be made available shortly. More information here….”.

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  1. Just a short comment: as you can easily see on the linked homepage this is so far only a “Beta 2” version, so still not the final product…


  2. With regards to the Ilyushin IL-86 freeware release. I have searched Avsim and Flightsim and cannot find this aircraft. The “More information here” link leads to the Russian website. Unfortunately, I don’t read Russian so have no idea how to get hold of this plane. The photos look fantastic.

  3. Its on Avsim, its dated the 20th, so maybe it wasn’t there when this news item was first posted.

    Library item 135139

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