Wilco Updates Tilt Rotor

wilco-tiltrotorWilco Publishing reports they have just released new features and improvements to their “….. revolutionary tilt rotor aircraft. This upgrade represents the single most important improvement in replicating real-world VTOL conversion/transitional flight on a PC-based flight simulator, adding a more accurate “FLY-BY-WIRE” simulation….”. They have also reduced the prioce of the package now. More info here.

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Bernardo Lopez
Friday, June 12, 2009 17:15

TiltRotor would be an excellent product if it were completely finished. I bought it a few weeks ago nd have been spending a good part of my time contacting wilco/support regarding the issue that IFR flights are not possible with TiltRotor; Somehow when i make an IFR flight with TiltRotor I always end up going in the oposite direction of the destination airport, at somepoint ATC asks me to change heading, but never towards the destination airport…This can repeat itself several time during a flight???? Wilco says that they used default FSX gauges!!!! There is no mention of these in… Read more »