FS ‘Tycoons’ To Meet In Amsterdam

people-meetingArnie Lee of Abacus Software in the US has managed to arrange a meeting in Amsterdam next Monday. Attending are the creme-de-la-creme of Flight Simulator add-on publishers like Aerosoft, Flight1 and Just Flight, some smaller development and publishing companies like FlightSimLabs, CaptainSim and FSAddon Publishing, a couple of individual developers and some retailers.
The scope of the meeting is to see how the add-on industry can possibly work together in extending the life of our beloved ‘sim hobby’ now that MS has pulled out. Stay tuned for more news.

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  1. Nice one Mr. D! Love the photo… makes the “industry” look a bit too… what was it I first thought?…

    Oh yes… the photo makes the industry look a bit too much like a “Little red book” community with everyone standing to attention.

    I do realise that it is probably a “stock photo”. It would be nice to see that we do have this level of attention though 😉

  2. Photo is meant ‘mockingly’…. the FS industry is pretty much made up of ‘loners’… maybe we can change it a bit 😉

  3. Can you please consider making these meetings available as a pod-cast?

    It’s just not practical for a lot of us devs to attend this event (as much as we would like to…)

  4. hi Francois,
    The image “people-meeting” used here is not a group that is used to “play” with our flightsims….isn’t?!
    Anyhow thanks for the info!

  5. In other words:

    Abacus software is making crappy addons and wants to know how good developers are doing it.

  6. Hello,

    is it possible to develop a brand new flight simulator by add-on companies together?

  7. Hello,

    There are so many talented developers among you that I think it’d be great if you could set aside any differences and work together to develop a new version of flight simulator,or maybe simulators, not just a flight simulator.Anyway,the fact of having an add on industry meeting alone, is most auspicious and I do hope that something positive comes out of this meeting.

  8. It seems that the picture is one of the Chinese National Congress Meeting. My God!

  9. …Hah! I knew my “Little Red Book” feeling was good! Ying tong iddle I po… *laugh*

    Of course I realise the connotations Francois. But hey – reactions… 😉

  10. I AGREE with Bart about the abacus products thats why I myself stopped buying them. Heck leave them out of the pick. The picture itself needs the little man as Seinfeld would say from North Korea in it. FS Tycoons sounds like a new simulation already along with the other Tycoon products you see in Walmart aisle 19. Good idea about the pod casting. There are several podcasts flight sim related available at the US itunes site regarding flight simulation already and are free. Also not promoting apple but I must say my I love my Ipod touch with XPlane and some other sim products loaded is GREAT. Now if some developers can develop some FSX or FS2004 products to run via a wireless network with flight sim products that would be neat. i.e. instruments, FMC, CDU, etc.

  11. Funny, my reaction was the same thing. If Abacus made decent products I would think this a more significant event. Let’s hope the discussion is about making higher quality prodcts and reducing the number of “me too” rip offs out there (like the “other” MD-11 that isn’t made by PMDG).

  12. The snobbishness in here is starting to smell a little.

    Abacus, who produce a lot of low cost, slightly-above-freeware-quality add-ons, have been around for longer than almost anyone else in the FS sphere. They’re still going, so their products clearly still sell. One of those products is FSDS, which is used by a good number of freeware developers still, who haven’t moved to Gmax for whatever reason.

    If people want to use products that cost $30 instead of $60, but don’t come with the same systems depth, that’s not a “rip off”, it’s an alternative for those who don’t want to deal with the complexity that the top-end products bring. No-one forces you to buy anything.

    Hopefully this discussion is about what to do in the future to keep ALL of these companies in business, supplying the FS userbase with products they want, in whatever sim and at whatever level they wish to use.

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