‘Da Duke’ has arrived from RealAir on simMarket!

In these troubled days there are still shines of light emanating from developers such as RealAir Simulations who today bring us the Beechcraft Duke B60, a twin engine fixed-wing commuter aircraft introduced in 1974, built 350 times until production stopped in 1982.


RealAir’s model comes with their usual attention to detail and also new features: “The Duke flight model has all the ingredients of the usual RealAir attention to detail, but with new innovations to ensure that manual handling has the predictable and harmonized controls the Duke is renowned for. In normal operations the controls are slick, smooth and a delight to fly. Stalls are programmed to range from a gentle loss of lift to deeper stalls and if the pilot really pushes the envelope, wing drops, slow spins from elevator only, more pronounced spins with added rudder and of course side slips, for which the Duke is cleared for a duration of 30 seconds. Yet in normal flying conditions the Duke is designed to be stable and a pleasure to fly, with excellent handling in patterns and approaches, finely tuned autopilot functions, excellent ILS capture and with our new free castoring nosewheel option for those with rudder pedals and pedal brakes, superb ground maneuvering.”

On simMarket here: Beechcraft Duke B60
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  1. It’s absolutely incredible. I had a flight last night, and could barely tear myself away from the controls to go to bed. Sure, it’s well modeled and the flight dynamics and sound are nearly perfect. There’s something else about it, though; an intangible feeling that lets me forget for a moment that I’m in a simulated airplane. Maybe it’s a combination of all the elements working so well in harmony. Whatever it is, bravo!

  2. I totally agree.
    I’ve flown nothing since – and as Bill says, there is something about it that keeps me wanting to just have another flight. Bravo!!!

  3. I am a sucker for twin engines, but the price tag is holding me back… for now. Just looking for the ultimate reason to purchase.

  4. If anyone is still following this thread:


    Could you take a look in the folders and see if this plane has full 1024 x 1024 specular textures with the “same” image mapping as the basic diffuse (paintscheme) sheets. The file names should have the suffix ‘texturename’

    If you have DXTbmp you can simply drag the spec into the DXTbmp window – you should see the same image map as for the normal diffuse map

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