De Havilland Twin Otter Is Reborn

‘Bush pilots’, whether real or ‘sim’ all know the Twin Otter aircraft series. Aerosoft made a nice rendition of one not so long ago. Unfortunately production was stopped in the late ’80’s. But now there’s good news, because Viking has bought the certification from Bombardier some time ago and has now started building NEW Twin Otters. Check out this YouTube interview!

AND see its first flight here

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  1. Good to see they made progress. Viking was one of our main sources of information when we made our Twin Otter. They send me all kinds of manuals and were very helpful with information.

    Mathijs Kok

  2. It really is nice to know that the DeHavilland Marque is not dead and the logic that the Viking guy puts forward in the vid is refreshingly sensible – for the aviation world. “We have a good plane that the operators want – so why change a functioning system?”

    A 19 seater at the stated price of just under $4million is good.

    So… when do we see a -400 in sim, Mathijs? 😉 (and certainly not at that price, of course 😀 )

    Beavers and Chippies too?

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