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sc061_FSAddon Publishing is working on a number of new projects (and on some older ones, of course). Not only is a brandnew Piper Super Cub for FSX in Beta test, there’s also another new – old ! – aircraft under construction (see picture). Apart from the aircraft there’s also a new ‘tool’ coming that we’ll call FenceBuilder for now. It will allow you to – yes – build fences into the landscape. Great for the large landowners and farmers amongst you simmers ! More info on the FSAddon Publishing web site.



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  1. That fence builder sounds interesting. Will we be able to incorporate the fences into our own scenery, or is it ‘personal use only’? An airfield can easily use 30+ miles of – often custom – fencing and creating it all ‘by hand’ really is tedious!

    If you need any testers… 😉

  2. The VC looks like one of the old Aeroplane Heaven VCs. I hope that’s only a WIP screenshot…

  3. As the panel is partially transparent, I think that is quite probably the case… Unless they’re bringing a whole new meaning to the words “glass cockpit” 😉

  4. FenceBuilder can of course be used to enhance your own sceneries…. it is a ‘tool’. We’re pretty much in the final stages, so no more testers needed, sorry 🙂

    As for the pictures of the Gloster: I believe you know us better than that 😉 But if you don’t, check out the web site fro the link and the words EARLY DEVELOPMENT ?

    It is being developed by Simon Smeiman, the same author who made the Piper Cub and the Bobcat with us.

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